Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Day Of School 2015

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but as of today, I have a second grader and a fourth grader.  The Dad and I walked them to school this morning and discovered that The Kid is now upstairs.  With the big kids. Oh.  My.  Gosh.

The Girl got the teacher that The Kid had as a kindergartner.
We love her, so that's exciting.

The Kid got a teacher that I know from the halls, but not much else.
A male for the first time.
He gives me a good vibe, so I'm hoping for a good year.

When I picked them up and asked how their first day was, The Girl's response was, "Really good."

The Kid said, "Awful."
He said they didn't do any fun activities and had to do worksheets all day.
Welcome to the fourth grade.
Poor guy.
He didn't want to stay and play after school, and instead was asking to go home.
So we did.
He's on the couch with a migraine as I type.
His first one since school let out.
He did not have a SINGLE headache all summer long.
I find that very interesting.
I just called and made him an eye doctor appointment.
It's hard for me to believe that a nine-year old would have stress-induced migraines, but I could be wrong.
He gets along with everyone, and doesn't have any social issues at school, so I'm not sure what he might be internalizing.
I just wonder, after a full day of reading and writing, if it isn't eye stress that's been the culprit all along.
We shall see.
Anyway, he looked cute this morning.  :)

The helpful little sister, making faces at him.

Baby wanted in on the, first day, photo action.

Then I got all three of them together.
The kids each took flowers, and pictures they drew, to their new teachers.

Funny face time.

Ya think they're related?

So here we go.
Another school year has begun.
Another year of Baby being stuck at home alone with The Mom during the day.
Off to check on my kiddo.....


  1. Yes I think you may be on to something, because that is very strange that he didn't have any issues all Summer but then on the first day of school he gets a migraine. I suffer with very bad migraines and it's horrible. Poor little guy. Hope you find out soon what is causing his headaches. I have a 8th grader, 2nd grader and my baby is starting kindergarten on September 8th. It's going to be so strange being home with no kids all day.

  2. The kids are so cute! I can't imagine a 9 year old having a migraine? I think you are on to something regarding getting his vision checked or he's internalizing some feelings of anxiety. Love the cute shots with all three of your kids together. Fun stuff!

  3. Here's to a wonderful school year for the two "big" kids. And I hope you and Baby enjoy your quiet time . Love all of the back to school pictures. It made me flash back to when I was in school. My mom always made us pose before we walked off to the bus stop on the first day. Great memories!

  4. Oh. My. Word. When did they get so big?!?! And when did The Baby become not a baby anymore??? Your kids' teacher are the luckiest getting flowers. Bet the others were jealous - "You got flowers!!! I got another mug." :D Good call getting his eyes checked. That would definitely have something to do with those headaches.


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