Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grammy!

Today's my mom's birthday, but because my sister's family hopped on a plane for the Philippines this morning, we celebrated last night.

Everyone came to our house, where we did mimosas and presents, then my sister and I took her to dinner at a local restaurant, while the kids, dads, and Grandpa, got pizza at home.

I took pictures of the opening ceremonies...hahahaha...and confirmed how difficult it is to get a decent picture when there's more than two kids involved.

Here's Grammy getting help from all the grandkids.

Baby slept through the first half.

Wakey wakey.

My niece.

The Cone Of Shame.
Poor puppy.
We had her spayed on my birthday.

Attempts at a group photo.  

The winner.

Happy 29th birthday, Grammy, we love you!


  1. Very sweet pictures! Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. Very sweet pictures! Happy birthday to your mom!

  3. You know what I see in these photos? LOVE! So much love. It warms my heart. Happy birthday, Donna.


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