Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Belly: 20 Weeks

Well, today is 20 weeks.  I'm officially halfway to the finish line.  I figured I had better document it with a couple pictures.  Which, by the way, are nearly impossible to take.  How do you guys get such good self-portraits?  I had to take nearly 100 to get one or two that would pass for a human, let alone be something I'd put on the internet.  Clearly I need my own personal photographer.  Clearly.

Here's what the little critter is doin' to it's mamma as of today:

It feels a little bizarre to have a folder of pictures on my computer with only my mid-section.  
So I took a few in the mirror just to have for ourselves.
The baby belly in context with the actual carrier of said baby.
The Mom.

I know this is really blurry (Do you know how hard it is to keep your hand steady when it's out in front of you?!), but I figured I'd throw one in just for kicks.

Look, I have feet!

So there it is.
Twenty weeks down, twenty to go.
Anyone have a spare room they're not using?


  1. You look amazing, albeit blurry, lol. I'm happy to see your feet haven't exploded, at least from what I can tell from that photo, lol.

  2. Eeee!!! Congrats! I agree with the above comment - you look amazing!

  3. um, my "baby" is twenty years old and I look more pregnant than you! You look great! Happy halfway to you.

  4. you look adorable! i wish i had a picture of my belly at least with one of the kids but sadly i barely even have me in a photo! my baby is nearly six, enjoy it! susan

  5. You look great Mindy! You have the cutest little baby belly :) ha ha ha @ Guinnah's comment.... I feel the same way.... My baby is two and I still claim it as baby weight ;)

  6. You look so cute with your "prego" belly! =)


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