Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grilled Pizza Four Ways

It was clean out the fridge pizza night.  Sound gross?  It was delicious.  I picked up two bags of Trader Joe's fresh pizza dough this weekend and tonite I mixed and matched things I already had to get dinner on the table.

With any store-bought fresh pizza dough, you'll want to let it sit out on a floured surface for at least 20 minutes before you try to work with it.
I used a plain and a whole wheat.

Once it's ready to go, I find it's easiest to break it up into smaller pieces for mini pizzas and shape it in my hands, rather than trying to roll it.  
I do this once, let it rest, then go back and stretch it a second time.

Once you've got them all stretched out, slather some olive oil onto one side.
Put that side down on the grill and let it cook until it's nice and brown.
Pull the dough off the grill, place cooked side up, and load on your toppings.

As I said, ours tonite consisted of things I already had.
Can I just give a quick shout out to my very first ripe tomato?
Yes, I realize it's September.

Toppings at my house in the order that they were piled on:

Tomato sauce, seasonings, shredded Jack cheese, salami, and shredded mozzarella on two.

Same thing, minus the salami on another.

Olive oil, garlic powder, and sliced Beecher's Flagship cheese on one.

Shredded mozzarella, chopped beet greens and sliced fresh garlic that I sauteed in olive oil with some salt and pepper, and feta.
I got the idea for this one here.

And last, Chevre, sliced fresh figs, aged extra-dry Monterey Jack.
I don't have a picture prior to cooking, but here it is off the grill and ready to devour.
I added fresh thyme and drizzled balsamic on it.

I added the fresh tomato and basil to the salami ones.

The one with sauteed beet greens and feta just got a drizzle of balsamic.

Here's everybody on my plate:

Every last one of them was deeeeeelicious!


  1. That is one perfect tomato! That fig pizza looks amazing. Well they all look amazing. As usual !

  2. OHHH hello yum! My clean out the fridge dinners are def (like that. I forgot your little tip already) not that creative :)

  3. Can you please pass the fig and chevre? And while you're at it, I would love to try the beet greens and feta. They all look amazing.

  4. I love pizza!
    They all look delicius but I love feta cheese so my vote is for that one:)

  5. Let me know what time to be there the next time you make these! Looks delish ~


  6. Wow, those look absolutely to die for! So in the mood for pizza now! ;)

  7. This rocks for sure! Thanks for linking up! Its so much fuN!

  8. What a GREAT Post! I love this! I am your newest follower via the Crystal and Co. Linky :) I'd love a follow back at http://aspiringnewmoms.blogspot.com


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