Monday, September 19, 2011

Heirloom Tomato Salad & Cheesy-Stuffed Mushrooms

Okay, so the tomato salad isn't really a recipe, but it was so dang pretty,  I couldn't walk away without taking a picture.

We bought the tomatoes at the farmer's market and I made the salad to take to my sister's last night for dinner.  They got just a sprinkling of Parmesan, using my microplane grater, and some fresh basil leaves.  We used a balsamic vinaigrette of my sister's, that's delicious, to dress them.

Here they are in all their glory:

The mushrooms aren't really a recipe either, considering they're just two ingredients, including the mushrooms.
These will be dubbed "Terry's Mushrooms" at my house from now on.
Terry at These Peas Taste Funny posted them the other day, so I made them to take to my sister's, along with the tomato salad.

I just realized, while working on this post, that I used the wrong cheese.
She clearly stated Boursin and even had a picture included.
I apparently can't follow directions because I used Rondele.  
Ah well, the platter got cleaned nonetheless.

Click here for her recipe and instructions.
She just did a makeover on her blog, so make sure you check out the new little pea people on her header and sidebar.

Here's "Terry's Mushrooms", hot out of the oven:

Thanks for the quick app idea Terry!  :o)


  1. mmmmm.... I concur with Jill on the tomato salad! Shrooms look yummy too!

  2. Those mushrooms look delish and that salad is a feast for the eyes too! What time is dinner ! :)

  3. The salad looks so yummy...:)
    A happy and colorful dish:)

  4. That is clearly the prettiest salad I have ever seen. I love tomatoes and heirlooms? Oh yeah!! As for the mushrooms, we should now make this a quest to try the recipe with as many different kinds of cheese as possible. We know two that are good already. :)

  5. Yum! Those tomatoes are beautiful! Love the colors on those heirlooms!

  6. Yummminess, almost too pretty to eat! Still would though ;) Great pictures!

  7. Well, Those mushrooms look delicious and that salad is a feast for the eyes. Those tomatoes are beautifully you cut! The colors of those heirlooms i s gorgeous.

  8. Found you on Mommy Club Wednesday Link up- so glad you shared this! I may have to try it! I'd love if you would add a Mommy Club link to your post, so others could join in too! We love your submissions! :)

    ps. I just love how finely the cheese is grated! Beautiful!

  9. This looks sooooo good and I love tomato's just about anyway you can make them...
    Thanks so much for sharing at the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!! Hope to see you again next week..

    Thanks again,


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