Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rearranger Strikes Again: The Living Room

I think I've finally gotten the living room put back together.  If you missed it, my frenzy started here.  I was trying to remember if I had ever posted living room pics before.  My last rearranging frenzy was in spring, and there is just a couple pictures of the living room in this post.  Then there are two more here.

As I mentioned here, I desperately want a new couch.  And, as I said, it ain't gonna happen.  Also, the arms on my two side chairs are ripped up and the stuffing is showing.  I hide that with throws.  If my sewing skills went beyond pillows and curtains, I would attempt slipcovers.  But I'm scurd.  So instead, I go into rearranging fits in an attempt to satisfy my want for new.

Our front door opens up right into the middle of the living room.  There is one way the furniture will work.  Yet I still move everything around a couple times a year, thinking I can make it work another way.  It won't.  So I move everything back and end up just rearranging the small things.

The major change this time was moving out The Dad's old ice chest.  It lived in the kitchen before and it's back in there again.  Moving that allowed room to slide the couch closer to the fireplace (which is fake by the way - we built it last year 'cause I wanted a fun place to hang our stockings).  After digging through the attic and garage, I brought in some tables and a dresser, moved some accessories around and got everything clean.

With the couch moved, I had to do some editing to the photo wall.  Which was a major pain in the butt.  There's some empty frames (actually, they have pictures of a couple walking on the beach - maybe I should replace their faces with cut-outs of us) and a hole where I need another one, but that's just a rattle can away from being remedied.  You also may notice where I patched some nail holes and haven't touched them up with paint yet.  We'll see how long it stays like that.

I took a lot of pictures of all angles and every corner.  To me, there's nothin' worse than lookin' at someone's room tour and bein' like, hey wait, what's over there!?  What was that on that shelf?!  I need to see closer!  Yeah, as I said to my sister yesterday when I showed up at her house with three appetizers, dessert, and a bottle of wine, I'm nothing if not excessive.

Here's the room as of now:

This is the reason the door to the hall is closed in all the pictures:

Yep, that's the first box of diapers purchased.
The first of hundreds.

All that stuff needs to be hauled up the pull down stairs to the attic.

So the living room is all pretty and clean, but the rest of the adjoining rooms now have piles of stuff that need to be dealt with.

 A basket of papers to go through and organize.

CD's and books to put away.

The Sunday paper to read.

Don't be jealous of this next box.

The kitchen table that was used more for piling than actually eating is going back up to the attic.
Someday I'll have a kitchen big enough for a table in the middle like the one in Bridges Of Madison County.  
I LOVE that kitchen.
Right now, it's sitting in the middle of the doorway, piled with dead flowers.
The ice chest is back on the wall where the table was.

The Dad actually took care of this scary situation.

Thanks Chachi!

So that's that.  
The room oughta keep me happy for a day or two.
At least until it's time to bust out the Christmas tree.
Now I'd best go clean up those piles.

I've linked up to Room To Room at Cottage & Vine.


  1. Somebody's nesting....I think the living room looks great - straight out of pottery barn. Good for you for getting organized. I'm slowing getting my Fall cleaning on (I missed Spring). It's a bit overwhelming. come you don't have toys all over the floor like I do? What's your secret?

  2. I love your living room. I guess it falls under that 'familiarity breeds contempt' saying. You're just too used to it,...because it is gorgeous!!

  3. I love, love, love your photo gallery wall!

  4. OK - you've convinced me I need to have some plants in my house - I'm ashamed ot say I have none - they all day but I guess I should make another effort - love the gallery wall - I want to make one of those with our fmaily pics

  5. OMGosh,hail the glossy magazine photographers! Your living room is tasteful and welcoming. I love that there are lots of fun personal elements to look at without being crowded or overstated. I think Terry hit it with the "familiarity" statement. I used to do this sort of thing all the time but I've realized that, like you, our living room furniture works exactly ONE way. Now I do it with plants in the garden. :)

  6. What a great room! I love the gallery wall!

  7. I love how you have incorporated plants into different areas of your room...I'm not brave enough yet;)

  8. What a lovely room! Love the gallery wall with all of the photos. Stopping by from Cottage and Vine :)

  9. Your gallery wall is incredible! Great job! I will always love blue ball jars too. Also, your window treatments are lovely.

    Thanks so much for joining the "room by room" party!



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