Saturday, September 3, 2011

Copper Love

For our anniversary last weekend, I had planned on making something super awesome and thoughtful as a gift for The Dad.  I pinned a ton of ideas.  And then I ran out of time.  I totally suck.

The traditional gift for seven years is copper.  I had mentioned my attempt at finding a cool copper gift when my time was running out and I headed to the antique mall.  I found a cow bell there last year for an iron gift and was hoping to get lucky again this year.  Not so much.  Unless you count coming home with something for myself.

Soooo, what do you do when you've run out of ideas and time?  Buy booze of course.  I headed out to my favorite wine haunt and bought the best bottle I could afford with a copper-ish colored label.  Then it fell on the ground and broke on the way to my car.  Yep, sure did.  Wine and glass flew everywhere.  There were some choice words flying as well.  Well, one in particular.  So I headed back into the store to let them know there was broken glass in the parking lot and one of the guys told me to go grab another bottle off the shelf.  I could have kissed that guy.

I carried my second bottle to the car like a fragile baby and brought it home to add some copper love.  Literally.

Copper wire and a few twists later and I had my gift ready to go:

I was thinking maybe I could frame it and hang it on our gallery wall behind the couch.
After my rearranging frenzy yesterday, I've got some empty frames to fill.


  1. Ha,....empty frames,...why does that crack me up so much? Anyway, nice was that guy to give you another bottle (what did you do for him?). Congratulations on 7 years, awesome. Happy anniversary and nice 'love' with the copper wire.

  2. I love copper.... its worth $$$! That little bit is probably worth like $5.00 bucks! My hubby dumpster dives for that stuff! I did not know it was for year 7 though... ours is coming up next year.... i may have to take him to the mill and dumpster dive for for copper for our anniversary! Happy A to you both! enjoy your wine... (i think framing that little beaut is a great idea! )

  3. This is a great idea. Sorry you lost your first bottle but it was sure nice of the clerk to offer you a replacement. I love your literal "copper Love." What a thoughtful gift.

  4. What a sweet guy to give you another! :) Bet that made your day!!!
    Love your embellishment.


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