Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Belly: 31 Weeks

Just a quick update for those who are interested.  I went to the doctor this week for my regular baby checkup and was tested for gestational diabetes.  Got the call yesterday that I'm in the clear, so that's good.  I am anemic though, but that's nothin' a little extra iron won't fix.

All along, I've measured right where I'm supposed to be, but this time, I measured at about 2 weeks less than where I'm actually at, based on my due date.  I was 31 1/2 weeks at my appointment and I measured 29 1/2 weeks.  Doc said they don't worry too much about it unless it's 3 weeks more or less than where you're at.  He had me schedule my next appointment in two weeks and he'll determine whether or not to do an ultrasound to measure Baby at that point.

I also had the pleasure of getting poked twice.  Once for blood and once for a shot.  I can't remember the name of it, but it's because of my blood type.  I don't normally have issues with needles, but this one HURT like a son of a gun.  I had it done with The Girl and The Kid too, but clearly I had blocked out the pain of it.

So anyway, all in all, a good report.

And now that I've rambled, I suppose I owe ya a couple belly shots.  Please notice the fact that there are no clothes piled on the bench or the bed this time.  The coat has a kid in it.

Here's Baby at 31 weeks:


  1. The coat has a kid in it. Funniest line ever. lol

    You look fabulous. Maybe you're not eating enough. bah ha ha

    Sounds like you got Rhogam because your blood is negative. I hate needles too and always pass out when giving blood. Makes it more of an adventure.

  2. YEAY!!! You look adorable!! Perfect little belly bump! Glad to hear everything is going good. LOVE the kid in the coat LOL

  3. Yay! All is well in babyland. Sorry about them needles. They suck. :)

  4. Lookin' good! Take a pic with the big brother and sister on each side of your belly. It can be the first picture with of them with their new baby sister....yes, I still think it's a girl :)

  5. Love your belly pics. :) Time is flying!

  6. Take care of yourself! Your bump is adorable


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