Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Reuben Dip + Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with out of town family this weekend and I made this recipe to take to my mom's.  If you're a Reuben sammie fan, you'll be all over this dip.  SO GOOD.

Here it is assembled at my house:

And hot out of the oven at my mom's:

Since I have you here, I'll throw in a few pics of the day as well.

Why is it impossible for me to have a decent photo taken?
Will someone please explain this to me?

See?  Terrible.
But my girlfriend says I need more pictures of myself in my posts, so there ya go.


  1. Oh that looks SUPER yummy... and I LOVE your Bird and Wood table Markers... SO very cute... hop on over and share it...:) http://shoprubyjean.com/2011/12/sew-crafty-tuesday-linky-party1/

  2. I have 3 things to say and none of them have to do with the Reuben dip, lol.
    1. I love the birdies everywhere...the place settings and the centerpiece. My mom has that same tablecloth :)
    2. I love that Singer sewing table. Is that your mom's. I would steal that when she wasn't looking!
    3. You really think those are bad pictures of you? Seriously, you look great! Come down here to the land of humidity and bad hair days and you'll see what bad photos are all about.

  3. LOVE the decoration! Those name tags are awesome.... so are the birds! You don't take bad pictures!!!! I think you look amazing! I've never ever had a ruben.... i think ill try that dip first... wow.

  4. Woman! The twig name settings are Adorable! Love those. The stockings.. who makes those?? I want some made for us. And Girl- You're nuts! ;) your pictures are sooo pretty! And we get to see the face behind briliant Rindy Mae! Yay to you for posting them.

    And you linked to me. [!!!] I <3 you.

  5. Great recipe ~ thanks so much for sharing. The photos are wonderful and YOU look beautiful! Don't be saying you look awful, ok? :-) The kids are totally adorable. Everything looks so festive!


  6. 1) You look great

    2) It's the law, moms looks like crap in almost all pictures so their kids remember them as the hags they always thought they were when they were teenagers


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