Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operation Shared Bedroom: Part 3

There are no words to describe how elated I am that this part of the project is done.  Technically, it only took me two days, but I've been thinking about it every day since buying the fabric.

I have no tutorial or in-progress pics.  When I make something like this, I literally throw everything out on the floor, sketch out what I want my end result to be on a piece of paper, and then start cutting.  Because I've made duvet covers before, I wasn't going in completely blind, but again, I'm not very good at following directions when it comes to sewing, so I just go for it and figure it out along the way.

Since I was trying to make it look similar to The Girl's duvet cover, I wanted to quilt the middle section.  I use the word "quilt" in the broadest sense of the word.  The fabric I used for hers has all different shapes and sizes of what looks like patchwork, and I originally wanted to do that, but patience is not my strong suit.  I wanted it done and I wanted it done fast.

Here's the gist of how I made it:

I cut 10" squares for the middle section.  Yes, if you want your finished squares to be 10", you should add on your seam allowances, but that would have involved more thinking than I wanted to take on.  So I sewed together 20, 10" squares.  Four across, five down.  Once that was together, I attached a 4" solid border around the outside, using four long, skinny pieces of fabric I already had.  Then I literally dug through scraps and found things that would fit to do the edges.  They're approximately 10" from the border to the edge and mixed widths, depending on how big my scrap was.  I just layed them out until I had enough to make it the size I wanted, big enough to fit a twin comforter.  I did it so that the top and bottom match and the two sides match, rather than completely random.

I had a big piece of fleece that had been on The Kid's bed as a blanket and it was big enough to back it, so that's what I used. He likes it because it's so soft and I like that it was free. 

I put a hem in the bottom end so that the opening for inserting a comforter would look finished.  I left probably an 18" opening centered in the bottom. 

Clearly this is the worst descriptive or directional post ever written, so I'll just show you how it turned out.

Here's The Kid's new duvet cover, spread out on The Girl's bed for the sake of getting a decent picture:

Now all I need is the bed to put it on!
It's a comin'.
Oh, and a finished room to put it in.
Slowly, but surely.

Oh - before I go - I know her room is pretty much a gutted construction zone, but I couldn't NOT put at least a little bit of Christmas in it.
So here's some Christmas in The Girl's room - don't mind the four-by-fours:

Tons more projects to come.....


  1. The quilt turned out great. I like the idea of the fleece backing.

  2. Love that quilt and love those itty bitty ornaments on her tree. Very sweet. (oh yeah, and those 4 x 4s are gorgeous, lol)

  3. Mindy! I cannot believe you busted that quilt out in two days. Super Hero!! It turned out great.


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