Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

I know I skipped my regular Fun Food Friday post this week, but I wanted to get some pictures of our Christmas on here before we enter into 2012.  And there were A LOT of pictures to go through.  You've been warned.

Christmas Eve, we always eat dinner at my mom's.  It alternates between chili and spaghetti.  This year was spaghetti.  After dinner, we watched Ice Age 3 and then took the kiddos home and tucked them into bed so Santa could come fill our stockings and leave a present or two.

See that pile of loot spilling into the room?  They all had MY name on them!  Santa unloaded those from his car, er, I mean sled, when I was in the other room. :o)

The Dad's sister sent the cow for Baby.  He's so cute.

 The kids woke us up at O'dark thirty Christmas morning.  I managed to fend them off until about 6:00.

After opening presents at home, we loaded up into the car to head back over to my mom's to see what Santa left there.  Once my sister's family arrived, Santa stopped in on his way back to the North Pole.

My niece slept through Santa this year.  :(

Then it was time for brunch.  Mmmmm, food.  

We had ham, harvest potatoes, scrambled eggs, homemade applesauce and yummy cinnamon bread.

Here's brunch on my plate - well, the first round anyway.

After everyone I ate myself sick, we opened presents.  The kids went first so they could play with their new things while the adults opened.

And off to 2012 we go.....

Sidenote:  Is anyone else having issues with loading pictures in blogger?  If I have to do ONE MORE POST uploading ONE picture at a time, my computer will be filing an assault charge.


  1. Haha I got a good laugh out of O-dark thirty. :) Your pictures make me wish tomorrow was Christmas...again!

  2. LOL, your comment about your computer about to file an assault charge. You crack me up. :) What a magical christmas!

  3. Looks like tons of fun - Santa left that same red angry bird at our house - love the tutu - my brother gave my daughter one, it was black and gold zebra print - I don't lie - she's 2

  4. Love this post! So many good pictures! Love your decoration and love your Christmas brunch. Yum yum ^,^ My son got that Angry Bird game set too for Christmas from his aunt.

  5. Ah, I see Angry Birds is present in your household. My 6-year old nephew had tons of gifts to open (he and his brother have all the grands and three aunts that like to spoil) and the ONE thing he went cuckoo over was his Angry Birds calendar. $5. Sigh. I should have been easier on my wallet. ;)


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