Thursday, December 1, 2011


My girlfriend posted this on her blog the other day and I was literally laughing out loud, so thought I'd pass the giggles along......number 5 had me snort laughing.


Self-Help Advice From A 2 Year Old

  1. Challenge yourself every day. Try climbing the stairs carrying two soccer balls while wearing your father’s shoes. Remember, failure IS an option.

  2. De-clutter! Start by throwing all your dishes in the garbage. After that I suggest toothbrushes and important paper work.

  3. Pee on the floor and stomp in it like a puddle. You’ll be shocked how much better you feel.

  4. Whether the glass is half empty or half full is irrelevant if you dump it out on the sofa. You’re welcome.

  5. If you’re feeling aggressive, or just bored, scream in a cat’s face.

  6. Don’t ever be afraid to hand someone an ice cube while they’re on the toilet. That stuff is cold. You don’t have to be in pain!

  7. Socks are poison. Trust me, don’t wear them! Happiness will soon follow!

  8. Pound on a computer keyboard like Jerry Lee Lewis playing the piano. Feel better? I thought so. Great Balls of Fire!

  9. If you fall down, stay down. Someone will pick you up eventually.

  10. Quick thrills fuel the heart. Have you learned to delete things off the DVR yet? DO IT. It’s AwWwWwEsOmE.

  11. Seize the day and the night and the middle of the night and the early morning. Seize everything, y’all! Never stop seizing stuff.

  12. Tired of looking at yourself in the mirror? So was I until I met my friend permanent marker. FACE TATTOOS ARE RAD.

  13. This might be a tough one, but you gotta trust me: Take a crap in the tub. It’s surreal.

  14. Live in the moment because there is nothing else. Seriously, there isn’t. Not that I’m aware of at least.

  15. If you’re gonna run, do it at top speed, man. Life is too short to walk in the mall.

  16. I’ve seen God, and his name is iPad. Let us pray.


  1. Yep, screaming in the cat's face will definitely add some excitement to the evening. lol

  2. That's hilarious. Peeing on the floor so you can stomp in it? Sounds like a 2 year old BOY!

  3. bahahhahahahahahhaha
    this seriously had me crying!! Sooo funny :)
    Ive missed coming by your blog!!

    Have a great weekend <3


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