Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dining Room Progress Report

Let's post a pretty picture first.
It will make the hell leading up to it a little less.....hellish.

So where did I leave off?  Oh wait....with the THIRD coat of primer on the ceiling.  Ugh. 

The Dad filled all the nail holes Sunday night, so I spent some considerable time on Monday wiping down the entire ceiling with a wet rag.  I didn't want to go over them with sandpaper, 'cause that would have been a nightmare of a mess.  Not just in the house, but in my hair, nose, eyes, etc.  The wet rag sounded like the best plan.  Once that was done, I primed.  Again.  He didn't use white wood fill, ahem, so I wanted to make sure the weird yellowish, brownish color didn't show through.  And I did the seams.  Again.  With a tiny artist's paintbrush.  Good times.  There's a good chance my arms and shoulders might fall off.

Here's some ugly wood fill shots:

And after the big wipe down:

Then, like I mentioned, I primed the whole thing again.
While that was drying, I started cutting in the wall paint.

And the first coat gets rolled on.

Soooo, I feel like paint color is super personal.  For whatever reason, different colors make different people feel something.   I would never put orange or fuchsia  in my house.  It's not my thing.  I'm an Earth girl.  Green, brown, grey, blue.  That being said, if I myself were a color, this green would be me.  I love it.  I more than love it.  Every time I looked at it today it made me giddy.  It doesn't have a name.  Or a swatch.  A friend had one wall painted this color in his apartment.  When I bought this house, I asked him if I could borrow the paint chip.  He didn't have one, so he gave me an empty paint can that I took to the paint store to have them match it.  It's the green in my kitchen.  I painted it in 2001 and not once have I wanted to change it.  It's the only room in my house that hasn't been painted numerous times.  It's my perfect color.  So...since that wall you see up there on the right is the one I want to remove, someday, I decided to paint the dining room the same color as the kitchen.  My perfect color.

Anywho...now that you've gotten through the paint color mini-series,  let's take a look, shall we?

 So the walls were done when The Dad got home from work last night.
(P.S.  In my dream world, the floors are that shiny all the time.  I had just mopped with ammonia water.  Um, can I just say, DISGUSTING.  My water bucket looked like a mud puddle.  Maybe I should mop the hardwoods more often than once every couple years.)
 After dinner, I cut in with ceiling paint and then he rolled.
I ended up going with a satin finish.
We had a nearly full can of exterior trim paint that's almost the exact same color as our indoor trim.
It's a Behr color called.....wait for it.....Baked Brie.
I know, could it be any more fitting for the likes of me?

These next pictures show the best representation of the actual wall color.

Next up on the list is some sort of trim to finish it off.
Crown molding would be ideal.
We'll see if that happens.
Also, as fond as I've become of it, clearly the bare bulb hanging from the ceiling is not going to stay like that.

Here's where we're at now:

Getting closer....



  1. It looks really pretty. And I laughed when you mentioned the shiny floors, because I was already thinking, "Holy crap, they have clean floors!"

  2. Oh wow, what an amazing room. You guys did a fabulous job. I hate painting to I am feeling so in awe of you. I love your colour choice. If pictures tell the tale it looks just like our living room/dining room/kitchen colour (yep, we love it too).

  3. Oh Mindy, I absolutely love it! I hate painting and if I never have to again it will be too soon. I have wanted our kitchen/dining room painted since we moved in but couldn't decide on a color and Chris & I have both agreed that when we do finally agree on a color--we'll pay someone to do it. It's A LOT of wall to paint. Now to choose a color. I wish I had "a color" like your green. Unfortunately I don't aqua's going to work in my kitchen and dining room...

  4. Loving your color combos! Feels light and airy but also warm and inviting at the same time! Loooove it! That ceiling looks amazing! Can't wait to see what else you do.

  5. i'm loving what you've done here! the shelves, the whites, the coppers, the bowl of corks. what a great space!

  6. Love your ceiling! I just HAD to click on your linky via 36th Avenue because I'm planning a shelf above some windows (like in your photo)...but then I saw your ceiling! Wow! I want one! So glad I found your site. THanks for the explanation!

  7. Girl, you are so talented. I love YOUR color. I'm a fan of green myself. Your finished room looks wonderful. I bet you're so glad it's done.

  8. as always love the wall color! and the floors & trim. and the fan, collection of white & bird. looks like you're definitely on the down hill slide. yay of down hill!!! :)


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