Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thoughts and Tidbits: Part 9

Generally my bullet points aren't quite this wordy.  The one-liners are better and easier to read.  But sometimes you just need more than one sentence.

  • Recently, I've been experiencing a lot of spam comments.  Blogger filters them straight to my junk box, but they still come into my e-mail as comments.  Which means I open them and start to read them.  There are some seriously filthy, dirty people out there.  And it's super annoying that I'm wasting my time even having to open them.  So I changed my settings to not allow anonymous comments.  A regular reader let me know today that she can no longer comment on my blog using the name/url.  I'll check my settings again to see what I can do, but if anyone else is having issues leaving a comment, please let me know by e-mailing me directly (my address is under the 'contact me' tab up top) or hitting me up on my Facebook page.
  •  So, The Girl is sittin' on the counter the other day while I'm getting chicken out to defrost for dinner.  She asks what kind of meat it is.  I reply, chicken.  She says, noooo, what kind of MEAT is it?  Uh, CHICKEN.  Nooooo, what kind of ANIMAL did it come from.  Me, snort laughing, CHICKEN.  Mooooom, what kind of ANIMAL did the CHICKEN come from?!?!  Emma, chicken comes from chickens.  I swear it was like a Who's on first conversation that continued on for WAY too long.
  • Speaking of food, I made mashed potatoes the other night. I had a couple small parsnips in the fridge and I just so happen to LOVE them, so I threw them in with the potatoes.  I swear, we sat down to dinner and the first thing The Kid says when he takes his first bite is, aaaahhhhhh, Mooooom, why did you have to put PARSNIPS in here.  You knoooow, I don't like them!  Okay, seriously, what kid has that kind of taste detection after eating parsnips MAYBE twice in his life!?
  • The Girl is obsessed with our local Top 40 station right now.  The newest Bruno Mars song gets cranked every time it comes on.  I'm waiting for the "what's sex" question.  Why do they have to put that on the radio?  I hate that it's a great song, 'cause I wanna crank it too.  :)  Also, the new Brittney song.  Um yeah, it only took them a couple times to realize what she was saying.  Now, it also is ranked in the top five.  Ugh.
  • The Girl lost her first tooth.  Awwwww.
  • Did I mention I started a kitchen fund?  I've wanted to redo the kitchen for over ten years, so I figure now's as good a time as any to actually start SAVING for it.  It's just a container where I throw any spare change I find.  The morning after the tooth fairy had come (see previous bullet point) The Girl told me she wanted to put the money in the kitchen fund.  Did I mention, awwwwwww?
  • In my house, I control the remote.  There was never a conversation about it.  It's just the way it's always been.  If I sit down and he has it, he silently hands it over.  Does that say something about me?
  • Have you seen the commercial for the marinated pork tenderloin that you cook in the bag?  That.  You.  Cook.  In.  The.  Bag.  The plastic bag.  Am I the only one that is completely appalled and disgusted by this?
  • Any other American Idol junkies in the house?
  • Baby said, cheese, today.  Yep, she's mine.
  • I've got a birthday boy in the house tomorrow.  The Mom has miles to go before she sleeps.


  1. Hehehe!!! You make me laugh. The chicken story is my fav :)

  2. You go girl! Yep, I too think that any food cooked in plastic is wrong and wrong! Have a great birthday celebration tomorrow! (I myself will be waiting in line at 5 in the morning to get my bean into preschool...crazy!)

  3. I had one of those WHo's on first conversations with Chase the other day but I can't remember what it was about now. I've been wanting to re-do my kitchen for about as long. I should start a kitchen fund, too. I love American Idol and have never missed a season. Never thought I'd say this but...I miss J-Lo AND Steven Tyler. I'm not so sure about these new judges...not feeling them right now.

  4. My brother always hated onion in foods growing up, and my mom tried every which way to sneak them in, but he always found them! Best wishes for a happy birthday celebration tomorrow! I, too, am seeing that the Name/URL option is now gone.

  5. Finally, somebody else with blog spam problems. I thought it was just me! Mine got so bad that I had to turn on the dreaded captcha to deter them. It's off now (crossing my fingers)

    Yep, I'm the remote queen in the house too. Scratch that, my lil' man has the final word & it's usually Dinosaur Train or Daniel Tiger.

    Happy Birthday to The Kid! His lil' twin will be celebrating hers soon too, huh?

  6. My husband has relinquished the remote as well - whenever he does have it he stops on the strangest programs which just confirms to me that I need to have the remote.

  7. hahahaha, omg, the remote scenario killed me with laughter! :D and YES, AI junkie right here! tho, I SWEAR TO GOD, if Nicki doesn't cool her jets, I don't think I can make it the whole season. And I love her as an artist! But as a judge? I want to throw things at her.


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