Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frosty Cup & Saucer Vine

I miss the plant posts this time of year.  If you were to happen upon my blog in the winter, you'd never even know I have a garden.  Everything is sleeping.

Every single yard or plant photo that I have saved on my hard drive is in a random slideshow rotation as my screen saver.  You forget about all your warm weather babies when it's 35 degrees outside.  I love seeing them on the screen when I walk by the computer.

This past week has been ccccc-cold.  And frosty.  I just happened to notice how cool the cup and saucer vine looked the other day, with its tendrils, droopy and frozen in time.  So, what does a gardener do?  Grab her camera and run outside in her bathrobe, of course.

I think Charlotte hitched a ride south before she finished her web.

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  1. We always leave up some of our grasses and sedums for winter interest (as opposed to fall laziness) but you're right, it's not the same. Love your photos.

  2. Ha! Rockstar! Those pics are awesome! Loving that web too! I have started stashing money away for new plants for spring...I can hardly wait!!!

  3. Wow, that web looks cool! You could look at my yard and beds during summer and think it was winter. D to the E A D.

  4. Such a pretty vine, even in this chilly weather. I've never grown cup and saucer vine--it's an annual,right? How big does it get, and does it like sun or partial shade?

  5. what gorgeous photos! i love the ones of the web!

  6. I was thinking of Charlotte too when I saw that web in the corner. How pretty it is with the frost on it.


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