Sunday, January 20, 2013

Go Ducks: A Football Birthday Party

When The Kid told me he wanted a "Go Ducks" birthday party, I nearly squealed.  By far, the easiest party to pull off, in terms of decorations.  We already had plates and napkins from The Dad's Costco impulse buy, and we had some football dollar store deco from one of The Dad's birthdays.  All I had to do was fill in.

Another squeal worthy statement out of his mouth was what he wanted for food.  I told him I'd make anything he wanted.  He requested pizza.  Yes, dear.

Warning, this post is photo heavy.

Here's The Kid's Go Ducks birthday party in photos:
(Oh, for those of you who were like me before The Dad came into the picture, football clueless, the University of Oregon football team is The Ducks.

For the table, we got a piece of AstroTurf off the rolls at Home Depot.

I had a piece of U of O fabric that I just pinned around the light.

The little narcissus were for me, but they matched, so hey.

The fam, all Ducked out.

I bought some random candy, not sure of how I was going to decorate the cake, so I put the leftovers out on the table.

In addition to the pizza, I had to throw in some green and yellow food too, right?
My mom made a hot artichoke dip.
I made guacamole and had tortilla chips and salsa verde.
And of course, a green and yellow veggie tray with ranch.

I saw some football juice boxes on Pinterest, so I made some of those with construction paper.

We had The Dad's brother print off a big mascot picture for a, Pin The Bill On The Duck, game.
The Dad cut beaks out of construction paper and I wrote all the kids' names on them.

Game time.

The Dad just happened to come across some clearance team paraphernalia, so we had enough for each kid to choose something.
Everyone's a winner.  :o)


Then presents!

The Dog wanted to help open, aka, shred paper.

Then onto cake and ice cream.
A professional cake decorator, I am not.
I made a yellow cake, frosted it with buttercream, then stuck some candy on it.
And Duck ice cream, of course.

You didn't know gummy bears played football, now did ya?

Birthday boy, blowin' out his candles.

So there ya have it.
Another year, another party.
One more to go and then we are done with birthdays in our house until next fall.


  1. Your son's face in those photos is priceless! You did great! I especially like how you themed the food with yellows and greens!!! Great idea! And those juice boxes are brilliant! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. You bring tears to my eyes - I just love your family. Looks like a great party.

  3. What a fantastic party you threw, Mindy! I love the idea of the astroturf on the table--way cool, and the football team on the cake is fantastic! It looks like everyone was have a great time :)

  4. Love the one of him beside his cake - good job - love when you already have supplies for a themed party.

  5. OMG this is so cute! I love that you used some astroturf as the table covering! Such a cute party. great ideas.

  6. Days late and dollars short, but please tell Carter Happy Birthday! And the party looks great!!! Even if it is a Ducks party instead of a Gator one...

  7. Super cute! What about adding white stitches to the avocado pit to make it a mini football? LOL!


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