Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket Pizzas

The Girl got a cookbook for Christmas and this was one of the recipes out of it.   She asked to make it, so I got the ingredients during my last grocery trip and we did 'em up for lunch the other day.  This is kinda genius and I'll definitely be doing them again for a fun dinner soon.

The recipe includes crust instructions, but I'm all for shortcuts, so I picked up a bag of fresh dough at the store.  
We also adapted the fillings to use what she likes best.
Hawaiian all the way.  
I split the dough in half and filled one for me as well.  
What?  I'm the one actually making it!

So instead of a recipe, I'll just give ya the 411.  
Feel free to bust out your own dough recipe.  Or buy a bag of fresh.  Or pick it up at your favorite pizza joint.  Or use the stuff in the tube.  Whatever works for your house.

Roll out your dough into one giant circle, or split it up into individual ones.  
Throw your favorite pizza toppings onto half.

I needed tomato sauce for one of our meals this week, so I just opened up a can and spread a couple tablespoons of it onto The Girl's.  
I added some Italian seasoning and garlic powder for flavor and then layered on grated mozzarella, Canadian bacon and pineapple.
Once you've got all your goodies on, fold it in half and pull the bottom lip up over the top and press to seal.
I baked ours on parchment, but a greased cookie sheet would work just as well.
 Cook at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes, or follow the directions on the dough you're using.

Here's The Girl's Hawaiian Pizza Pocket:

Okay, YES, I ate some of hers too.
And it was really good.
But guess what I put in mine?
I'll wait......

Trader Joe's Blue Cheese Pecan Dip and Sliced Pears.

Here's The Mom's:

 Yeah, that didn't suck at all.

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  1. Those look wonderful, Mindy. They sell pasties all around here- Cornish pocket pies- hubby loves them- xo Diana

  2. Holy crap. I would have been really happy with The GIrl's version,...and then I read about your version. Both sound amazing!

  3. Yes please! I'll take one of both :)

  4. We actually made these a few nights ago for the whole family - italian and ham and cheese - yum!

  5. Mmm...they look so good. I use the dough from Trader Joe's as that short cut. It is so good and fresh without the work.

  6. Oh wow.. those look so so good! Apparently I'm hungry:)

  7. Wow! It is a simple but refined pizza. Its is a perfect pocket pizza and delicious menu.

    Wieners of waterton


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