Friday, February 8, 2013

Color Me Fruity: A Kid Lunch

Okay, so Fun Food Friday was a snack this week, rather than lunch.  I was drawing a blank, so I pulled out a bunch of fruit and started cutting.   I just kept adding until the plate was full.

The big flowers are strawberries with mango centers.  The circles are chocolate cake with peanut butter, banana and more strawberry on top.  Orange slices and mango caterpillars with raisin eyes around the rim.  Voila.  A fruit heavy midday snack.

Here's The Girl's plate:

I'm really glad it's Friday.
I always say that, don't I?
We're doing our family movie night at my sister's tonight, instead of at home.
I plan on partaking in wine.
Lots and lots of wine.
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. So it's wine and movie night, eh? Sounds like fun. Your fruit looks scrumptious. Your kids are so dang lucky. I want you to be my mommy.

    I'm glad it's Friday too.

  2. I swooned at cake. And the caterpillar.

  3. Aw those are so cute! great idea!
    new follower!


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