Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Thoughts and Tidbits: Part 10

We really don't watch that much TV, but for some reason, this post seems to have a lot of television references.

  • New Girl is the funniest sitcom on TV right now.  Period.  We laugh SO hard at every episode.
  • We don't have Tivo or DVR or whatever those things are called that record live TV.  Therefore, we watch commercials.  I laugh out loud at the commercial where the little kid says, "Tape a cheetah to her back" every, single, time.
  • I can whoop all ya'll at Wheel Of Fortune.
  • A couple days ago, The Girl woke up in a crappy ass mood.  I said, "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Emma?"  The Kid answered with, "No, she woke up in the living room.  On the couch."
  • The robins are in the yard.  Spring is near.
  • What's a respectable amount of time to finish off a box of wine?  Please answer in the comments.
  • We were out of cheddar for a day and a half.  Which is unheard of, by the way.  I am now officially aware of the fact that my family can't live without it.
  • Guilty pleasure:  TMZ, Extra, and Access Hollywood.  LOVE them.
  • McDonald's new Fish McBites...Wrong on all levels.  Who sees that commercial and thinks, ooooh, I'm gettin' those for lunch?  Nasty.
  • When I get to the bottom of a bag of something with crumbs, I wish it came with a lick m stick.
  • How hard is it to put the remote BACK IN THE COFFEE TABLE DRAWER when you're done with it?  The remote is ALWAYS missing.  Usually when I'm on the couch with a baby stuck to my boob.
  • I feel like our dinners lately are screaming matches.  AKA, me yelling at everyone throughout the entire meal.  How hard is it to sit still and eat?!  Baby is the worst offender.  The Dog is a close second.
  • We started watching the new show, The Following.  It creeps me the eff out and during every episode I wonder why in the hell I watch it.  It's so scary.  And creepy.  And morally wrong.  I hate it.  And love it.
  • During dinner the other night, I was talking to The Dad and I mentioned something about 5:00.  The Kid chimes in and says, "Don't you mean, Wine O' Clock?"  
  • My nephew had a fundraiser at his school.  We bought raffle tickets a couple weeks ago - grand prize was a trip for four to Disneyland.  We didn't win.  I had to break the news to The Girl the other night at dinner.  Her response:  "We didn't win?" (sad face)  "No, I'm sorry, honey."  "That's okay, we'll just use Uncle Sherwin's money to go."  Thata girl.


  1. My sister is the Wheel o' Fortune queen..and Boggle..and any other word game. I avoid playing with her because it makes me feel stupid. You two should get together for word nerd night.

  2. I love these posts! I saw one lone robin this week, but still... I, too, am curious what sort of answers you'll get about the boxed wine. Um, we always have at least a pound of Tillamook vintage white cheddar in the house. So good.

  3. LOL ok so your second job I have for you is stand-up comedy...no joke your flipping hilarious!!!! i am laughing so hard right now!!! Box of wine in college days with my pals was one night...now??? HMMM it would probably take a few days. Depends on who's drinking!!!!

  4. Never heard of Fish McBites but totally agree. It really does sound like you watch a bunch of TV. I don't even know most of these shows, lol.

  5. Two things... Totally agree that New Girl is fantastic and hilarious. Also, that the tape a cheetah to her back commercial kills me. Partially because he reminds me of a friend's boy when he was younger and second because its just hysterical.


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