Sunday, February 10, 2013

The One-Year-Old

Did you really think I was going to skip over baby pictures just because we didn't have an official party?  Hahahahahahahahaha.  You should know me better than that by now.

I took pictures of her on her real birthday, February 1st.  I also have pictures from her party, aka, halftime of the Super Bowl.

I shall now proceed to bombard you with all of them, in addition to telling you about all the amazing things she's doing now.  :)

First up on the list is giving kisses.  As a parent, you wait for that day.  After months of smothering them with kisses, they finally give you one in return.  You and every other inanimate object they can get their lips on.

Cue the make-out session.

I'm tellin' ya, that never gets old.
A baby giving kisses is the cutest thing, ever.

Next up, The Look.
I don't know what adult it originates from, but her brother had the EXACT same look.
Every time she does it, it reminds me of The Kid as a baby.

 "Rooock, rooock."
She loves sitting on the kids' stools and rocking.
 And Grammy made her one of her very own for her birthday.
I'll get pictures of it one of these days.
Now I can repaint this one and put it in that Etsy shop I keep talking about.

Her vocabulary is growing every day.
It's amazing how fast they learn to communicate once they get the hang of it.
Her everyday words are, Mama, Dad, more (usually, MORE), bye, cheese, bite, boppy, Maddie, Emma, Lylah, sock, shoe, rock-rock, hot, apple, chocolate, Cheerio, and drink.
Her animal sounds are roar (lion), meow, woof , baaa (sheep), digginanddigginanddiggin (squirrel), sniff sniff (bunny), and fishy face.

She is just so dang cute and sweet right now.
In addition to being highly opinionated.
At her doctor's appointment, he commented several times on her advanced temper.
Not exactly what you want them to be advanced in.
She throws a fit like a two-year old and the bait and switch just ain't cuttin' it anymore.
She wants what she wants, when she wants it.
Typical female.

 Onto the celebration.
Remember that Pinterest party I planned?
Cupcakes were the extent of the follow through.
I made the chocolate cake recipe in the newest Better Homes magazine.
And chocolate sour cream frosting.

She was a little hesitant at first, but once she got her first lick, she dove in, mouth first.

Wow, a year old already.
Insane how fast that went.


  1. Eeeeee!!!!! Happy Birthday cutie! Mindy, she is so gorgeous. Please tell me she is wearing your top from when you were a little girl?? It's so sweet it's killing me! And, I may have done her kissy move to my computer screen when I saw the cupcakes...

  2. She is a DOLL!!!! I love her sweet expressions...and the kisses!!! Too cute lady! The speed at which they grow is 4 month old is changing so fast. Not sure if it's because she is the 3rd and we are just so busy or what but it's flying!!! Great job capturing those sweet moments!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is so cute! So...when you come to visit as family for the banana dream cake I will act as family and love on her..let her know that crazy "Auntie Kelli" can't wait to squeeze her! ;)

  4. The cupcakes you made are beautiful, Mindy, and your little cutie sure looks like she enjoyed hers! ps--I'm making that yummy cauliflower recipe you shared with the lemon-tahini sauce as part of dinner tonight--can't wait to try it!

  5. She is so cute! I'm awaiting the birth of #2 daughter's first baby any day now! Hard to believe that in a year that baby will be walkin' and talkin', too.


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