Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Laney!

What's the difference between the first kid and the third?  EVERYTHING.

More power to the moms out there who are planning parties with clowns and balloons and pretty tea cakes and tablecloths and napkins that match their new toddler's outfits.  Clearly you have more energy left than I do.

And actually, I did plan a big birthday party.  On Pinterest.  You can see it here.  I'll wait.....

Seeee, isn't it cute?!  I'll show it to her on her 18th birthday and tell her it was photos from her actual party.  With all the fun crafty things I made to go with the theme.  And the cute dress I wore to match the occasion.  

Back to real life.  With the third, you realize they don't give a shit about their first birthday.  Any kind of party is for the parents and the guests.  Yes, I'll make homemade cupcakes, and yes, there will be photos of her with frosting smeared all over her face.  But anything beyond that just ain't gonna happen.  I will be climbing the pull down stairs to the attic to "shop" for some hand me down toys to wrap up.  I did buy her a new book, and she'll get some things from family, but what does a third baby need?!  Absolutely nothing.

My parents are having a Super Bowl party on Sunday, so we'll do birthday festivities then.  During halftime.  Ha!  I know, I'm sure she'll need therapy.  

With all that said, I love that girl more than words can say.  I may be a slacker in the party planning committee department, but that doesn't negate the swelling in my heart when I think about her.  Considering the fact that she's four years younger than The Girl, you can probably put two and two together and come to the conclusion that she wasn't exactly "planned".  Lucky us, she came anyway.

I was talking to her yesterday and telling her that she'll be one year old. And then the tears came.  She's my baby and she's not a baby anymore.  And there won't be any more babies.  All three of them are growing up, despite my protests.

So, no, there isn't a big blog-worthy party.  Nothing to pin to your Pinterest boards.  Just a mom and a dad and a brother and a sister.  Spending the day with the Baby.

Happy birthday Laney Rose, we love you to the moon and can't imagine life without you.

Mom, Dad, Carter and Emma


  1. Happy Birthday Laney!!! Honestly--I purposely only had family over for Em's first birthday because I didn't want to make it such a big deal that I felt compelled to do it with future children too. I am all about a small party (till they're old enough to know better and have specific ideas of course...) Emma's already planning hers--it's in June. Like I said last week--God help me...

  2. Happy birthday Laney!!!! Sending love and hugs from your AZ family :)

  3. Happy birthday Laney!!!! Sending love and hugs from your AZ family :)

  4. Happy birthday Laney!!!! Sending love and hugs from your AZ family :)

  5. Happy birthday Laney! Birthday parties are overrated - whether you're turning 1 or 30. The celebration of Laney's life is more about the love you share together all year round. You're a good momma, Mindy, and you throw one hell of a Pinterest party! ;)

  6. Say it ain't so - Already?! Happy Birthday, Laney. What a beautiful Pinterest party!

  7. Heck yeah!! That's what it's about sister!! Your so cool and your girls are so lucky to have such a strong creative mama to look up to!!! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!!!

  8. Happy birthday Laney!!! Look at that sweet little noggin! She's gonna know how much she's loved regardless of the type of party she has. I can tell you're one heck of a momma :). The hand-me-down-syndrome is in full swing at our house. Sam may or may not be rocking some of Izzy's not so gender neutral pj's :D

  9. You know what? I did many birthdays this way, especially when they were young. They won't remember it and I think the party hoopla is overrated. Laney looks so sweet in these photos, her perfect little head.

    I saw videos of three (of my 4) kids the other day. My oldest was probably 7 or 8 and my third was a baby. It was sweet but sad too. They grow up so fast and although I miss those times, I wouldn't go back for anything. Each age is special.

    Happy birthday little one year old!

  10. awwwwwww, Laney is ONE. My word. Where did the past year goo!!? Wow.


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