Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Signs Of Life: The Front Yard

Yep, it's another February yard post.  And again, it's a mess out there, so you get the close up version.

It isn't giving off any of its heavenly aroma yet, but the daphne by the front porch is loaded with buds this year.

What's this called?
I picked some and brought it in the house and it smells like burnt hair.
It took me three days to figure out what in the world stunk so bad.
Ah well, it's pretty outside.

I never remember what this bulb is called either.
It has white, star-shaped flowers.

I have a ton of primroses that are trying to bloom, but the slugs are after them already.
Dang slugs.

The Autumn Joy sedum is startin' to peek out.

All my mini daffodils that I bring home from the grocery store every spring are starting to peek out.
I find a spot for them in the garden when they're done blooming inside.

Another primrose that I've had forever.

That's a lily already!

And a phlox!

You would think that another primrose picture would lessen my desire to bring more home from the grocery store.
You would think.

And my very first daffodil buds.
This clump is always the first.

And a silly lone lobelia flower, refusing to give in to the cold.

There ya have it.
The front yard in February.
Things are a happenin'.
Now I need to get out there and clean up!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! With the 30 cm of snow we got this weekend these make me feel optimistic that spring is just around the corner!

    Nike O.
    Eight Hundred Sq. Ft.
    Small Space Pick of the Week - Valentine's Day Glamour Lounge

  2. Nice! I took a quick spin around the yard yesterday, when it stopped raining for a few minutes--I had my first primrose, and a couple of pink and white English daisies blooming, so I picked them and brought them in and put them in a teeny glass salt shaker that I like to use for a mini-vase! I've got bulbs coming up, although it looks like your daffodils are far ahead of mine--I don't see any buds on mine yet.

  3. I love what's happening!! Oh YEAHHH!!!

  4. Hi Rindy Mae! I love your garden's happenings. Even if they might be minimal, it's something and spring is definitely on its way. I am amazed at your ability to keep primroses alive. Mine always die from lack of water in summer. And if they hold on by a thread, the slugs have a feast.

    I've got one type of Euphorbia that when it's blooming it has a wonderful scent. It's much smaller than the one you have pictured. Thanks for the heads up. I'll remember not to bring this one indoors. :) And then there's the Daphne.... Oh I love her!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday! I think your photos are great too! Happy Spring!


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