Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Signs Of Life: The Backyard

I am not a fall gardener.  Everything is always left until spring.  Dead perennial stems are poking up out of the ground everywhere.  The dirt is completely buried under leaves.  Pots are sitting exactly where I put them in the spring, with dead annuals spilling out over the sides of them.  The paths are lined in wet, dead plant slime.  Not exactly what you could call, "winter interest". 

BUT, upon closer inspection, you can see that life is beginning to start again.  And probably within the next couple of weeks, I'll get the bug, and will head out and start the massive spring cleanup.

Until then, here's a closeup of what's going on in the backyard.

This hellebore is always one of the first plants to lure me out.

The daffodils in both of the kids' pots are starting to emerge.

Both of the blueberries are showing signs of life.

The sweet box is in full bloom and will 'bout knock ya over with it's delicious smell.
I brought some in the house and it fills every room.

I spotted this little girl on my way back in the house.

We're getting cloooser.


  1. I'm with you. By the time fall comes around, I'm too tired of it all to cleanup the yard. Spring you just feel more into it. Ready to bring on the growing and harvesting and enjoying. We are not at all close, however, so I'll just have to live through you. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your hellebore is gorgeous. And those daffodils pushing through the soil send a message of spring being not far away. I'm looking forward to seeing your spring and summer garden; it's always so beautiful.

  3. Wonderful! Stunning shots! I can't get over the daffodils! You grow them in pots?? I have never thought to do that!

  4. What fantastic photos. I saw the daffodils by our deck starting to pop out but now there is more snow coming. I wonder how they will weather it.

  5. Your hellebore is gorgeous!

  6. Yeah for spring clean up! ;)


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