Friday, March 21, 2014

S Is For Spring: A Kid Lunch

It's like flashback Friday!  I know, I kinda stopped making these once Baby came along.  Then, the Girl started kindergarten and I just got out of the habit.  But Baby's two now, so I figured she's old enough to appreciate Fun Food Friday.  What better way to ring in the first day of spring than with flowers on your plate!?

The center of the sun is hummus.  Orange bell pepper for the rays.  Cucumber and cantaloupe flowers. Cucumber peel and spinach for the grass, stems and leaves.  Cheese crackers around the rim and a gummy butterfly.

It was fun to get my box of cutters out again.
Here's Baby, scarfin' down her first Fun Food Friday lunch.

Don't hold me to it, but I might try to do these every Friday again.
Or maybe every other Friday.  ;o)

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  1. Your baby must have loved this! That is one happy plate of food!

  2. You are such an artist in everything you do friend! Seriously! Does your mind ever rest!!!?! This is the cutest lunch ever!!! And is it me or is baby getting so big!!!! A wonderful weekend to you! Nicole xoxo

  3. OOO, this is sooo cute and so creative...I pinned it. :)
    I keep trying to link up to blogs thru Google Friends Connect and it won't let me....have they taken GFC off, or do u know..??

  4. You are the cutest mom ever! The end.

  5. Hello there,
    That is a totally cool meal. I wish someone would make that for me....ha ha. Very creative! So now when are you going to open your Etsy store. Your New Year's comments inspired me and I opened up my shop this weekend. I think I am going to have garden inspired jewelry once I get a kiln..which will be a little while. So thanks for the inspiration Mindy!!
    If you want to check out my site here's the link (sorry to leave this in your comments section...)

  6. Susan, that is SO stinkin' awesome!!!! And you already have two sales?!?! Wow, I'm must so excited for you.
    Not a day goes by that I don't have a thought about getting mine up and running. I literally wrote it down on my to-do list so I have to look at it every day. I have all the best excuses for why I haven't done it yet. :)
    That's just so cool. You're givin' me a kick in the pants, for sure. Good luck!!!


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