Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homemade Christmas Cards

If you are related to me by blood or marriage, please move along.
And that means ANYONE, not just immediate family.

Okay, so technically this isn't a gift, but it is homemade.  My mom has made her Christmas cards every year for as long as I can remember.  When my sister and I were young, I can remember being forced to help.  I swore I'd never take on yet another December to-do that I didn't find to be necessary.  Yeah well, famous last words.  I started making my own about three or four years ago.  Not for everyone on the mailing list, - yet - but I usually pump out about 25 or 30.  

I had planned on doing something completely different from what I actually did, but went with these only for the simple fact that I could make them without having to go to the store. I had everything I needed.  I'll save the other idea for next year.

All you need is blank cards or cardstock, scrapbook paper, paper cutter, scissors and glue.  The paper cutter isn't necessary, but it sure does save some time.

Cut out strips with the paper cutter, or scissors, that are about 1/2-inch wide.

Use your scissors to cut them into shorter lengths and glue them onto your cards to make trees.

Cut out a trunk and whatever shape you'd like for the topper.

Here's ours, and yes, I made the kids help, although, they're still young enough to enjoy it:

Now I need to write in them and get them in the mail!


  1. These are adorable!! You're lucky the kids wanted to help...makes it all that much faster to complete. Great job ~


  2. Cute cute cute! I love how easy these are.

  3. How cute! Now you're making me want to make Christmas cards!

  4. This is a fabulous idea. They turned out cute and I have all of those things on hand. Awesome - I'm pinning.

  5. Hehehe, your announcement at the beginning cracked me up! Those cards look awesome - nothing better than receiving handmade cards :)

  6. These Christmas cards are really awesome! A great holiday project to do with kids.

  7. Your mother raised you well! These are wonderful cards. Girl you rock.

  8. Such a great idea! I never would have thought to make my own Christmas cards. So crafty! I would love it if you would link up to my Frugal Christmas Week ( so my readers can check this out as well! Thanks!


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