Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Flower: A Kid Lunch

The plan was to do a turkey for today's Silly Kid Lunch, but The Girl wasn't feelin' it.  She insisted on a flower lunch.  So flower lunch it is.  The Kid was home too - no school today - so no lunchbox version this week.

I used this lunch picture as a starting point.

The sammie is turkey on one of those mini thin breads.  Cheese for the petals.  A celery stem and apple leaves.  Olives cut in half with ranch inside for eyes.  The Kid's had a mustard mouth drawn on, but The Girl doesn't do mustard so she got a celery slice for a mouth.  Mini bell pepper halves around the rim.

Here's lunch on the plate:

So no turkey lunch, but I do have a turkey kid project for ya.
My mom watched the kidlets yesterday while I went to a couple doctor's appointments.
She brought along the makin's for these:

Aren't they cute!?
They each made one.
The turkeys are obviously their hand prints.
Those and the clouds are paint.
The grass and sun is cut out paper.
The turkeys have googly eyes.
They are being proudly displayed on the fridge.  :o)

Happy Friday!


  1. The turkey pictures remind me of what my (teenage) son did years ago in Preschool. His class made turkeys using construction paper hand cutouts for the "feathers" and a toilet paper roll (painted dk. brown) for the body. I forgot what the head looked like, lol. It was so cute...I wish I had kept it.


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