Friday, November 4, 2011

Driving Test & A Silly Kid Breakfast

Okay, so those two things normally have nothing in common, but today I kinda meshed them together.

I didn't feel great last night, so instead of preparing The Kid's fun lunch for school, I became one with the couch and the remote.  Then, this morning, I was racing around trying to get ready to take The Kid to school and my driving test.  I decided to do a quick fun breakfast and just skip our usual Friday fun lunch altogether.  I had cars on the mind, so that's what I went with.  Car shaped pancakes.  I just used my cutters on the griddle pan and cut circles out of fruit leather for the wheels.  Mandarin orange wedges around the rim.  I gave them each a small dish of syrup for dunking.  I also made some mini blueberry pancake circles that they also dunked.

Here's breakfast:

Not fancy, but not bad for 6:30 am.  And as it turned out, The Kid stayed home from school anyway.  He hasn't been feeling well the last couple days, so we decided it would probably be best for him to just stay home, rather than the school trying to call me to come get him when I was at the DMV.

Part two of the story - I took my driving test this morning and passed with flying colors.  Wahoo!  I am SO GLAD that's done!  So tomorrow, after 23 days of being without a car, I can finally go pick up a rental.  And hopefully get this insurance crud dealt with soon so we can FINALLY figure out a new car.  I recommend not EVER getting in an accident that totals your car.  It's a headache to the umpteenth power.

I'd throw in our dinner pictures now, but that would be even more random, so I'll do it in another post.  Back in a few......


  1. You had to take a driving test? That sucks! I'd fail a driving test in a second, lol. That's why I love Mississippi, just give them money and they'll pass anybody. Pathetic, huh? Will your accident nightmare ever end?

  2. Congratulation to you for sure you really did a great job on your driving lesson and also in preparing those pan cakes that really look's delicious.

  3. I think the car breakfast really helped get you ready for the driving test, haha! By the way, kudos for passing the test with flying colors! It just shows that you’re really ready to take on the road. That’s certainly going to help you keep safe while behind the wheel. Just a friendly tip: keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.


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