Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Felt Ornaments

Unauthorized readers, please move along.
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I've been posting my DIY gifts on Saturdays, but in case you haven't counted, there are only three left until Christmas Eve, so I figured I had better step it up a bit before I run out of time.  

Like the homemade Christmas cards, my mom has made ornaments every year since I was born.  Crazy woman.  I entered the land of crazy the year The Kid was born.  I haven't decorated our tree yet, but when I do, I'll share the ornaments I've made in previous years.

I got this year's idea off of Pinterest.  There were hundreds of ideas to choose from, but I thought these would be fun for the kids.  The link on Pinterest is to an Etsy shop, so once again, I'm ripping off someone's idea.  She has ton's of different ones, so you should pop on in for more ideas, or to actually buy some.  I also made two more that are similar, and there is a link to a tutorial for those, so you can see how they come together.  I figured they were pretty self explanatory, so I'll just tell you how I did it, minus the photo tutorial.

Click here to see the originals.

You'll need:

Embroidery Floss
Poly Stuffing

I used three different sizes of circle cookie cutters to trace for the snowmen, then cut two layers of felt at a time so the front and back would match up.
To the front piece of felt, I sewed on the beads and used black floss to make knotted eyes.
I cut out arms from brown felt.
I started stitching the back and front together at the bottom and left a big enough hole to cram the stuffing in.
Then I stitched the rest up.
I cut out a scarf shape and glued it on with Tacky glue.
 I forgot to buy orange felt, so I dug into the kids' project bin and found orange craft foam for the nose and glued that on as well.
I used more embroidery floss to make a hanger.
Easy peasy.

For the trees, I did the same thing.  
I cut two tree shapes and a trunk.
Sewed the beads on first and then stitched the back and front together with some stuffing.

I plan to have more finished projects posted thoughout the week.


  1. So Cute... But then again Snowman are ALWAYS cute!!! be sure to stop by and check out the giveaway I am having...

  2. Soo cute!! Haha I love the disclaimer in the beginning :)

  3. OK, you're making me start to panic, lol. I don't have a tree up much less ornaments. I think I may do a Charlie Brown tree this year :)

  4. WOW, these are cuties! I love all of them!
    Thank you for sharing!


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