Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Third Week Of May In The Backyard

I got behind last week on my yard posts, 'cause......I was in the yard.  :)  Can't pass up sunny days.  Too much work and puttering to be done.

I actually painted the house over the weekend.  Well, not the whole house, but after taking out the rhododendrons, the peeling paint stuck out like a sore thumb, so I scraped the whole front of the house, the porch area, and the driveway side.  Then primed and painted it with a brush.  The south side is in desperate need too, so that will be next.  Ahhhh, the joys of home-ownership.

Anywho, I've got lots of pictures of the back, front and parking strip, so let's start with the back today.

This clematis is somethin' else.  My mom dug it out of her yard to give to me a couple years ago and this year it has outdone itself. She didn't have a tag for it, so it's a mystery one, but it's amazing.

I have it on the metal arbor that The Dad made.
It wasn't in full bloom when I took these pictures, but as of right now, it's solid flowers on the front and back.
It's amazing.

As a side note, I've decided this year that the spirea in the background is one of my favorite plants in the yard.
The color of that sucker definitely pulls its own weight.

While we're in that section of the yard, look at my new allium that my mom got me for Mother's Day.
It's starting to open!
This one is Allium Cristophii, Star Of Persia.

Moving around the yard, my first peony bud is opening.
I want more so bad, but they are SO STINKIN' EXPENSIVE!!!
This one was here when I moved in.
I've moved it around a lot, so it hasn't bloomed well in a while.

All along the edge is this little purple Geranium.

This little pink rose was in the yard when I bought the house.
It has black spot really bad right now.
I'll pull all the leaves off and I'm gonna try a home-remedy recipe my mom gave me on all the roses this year.

A little more to the right, my lone clump of Japanese Iris has its first flower.
I used to have tons of this around the yard, but I've dug most of it out over the years.
I think I may move a piece of it down to the parking strip.

Baby finally has her own pot like the kids.
My mom put this one together for her.

Speaking of pots, I got almost all mine potted up.
I have a lot.
Probably more than I need.  As if there is such a thing.
But they're great for moving around in the garden when you have a hole.
God forbid there should be any dirt showing in the middle of summer.

I've always had fuchsias in this big deck pot, but since I lost every. single. potted fuchsia this winter, I decided to switch it up.  With the neighbor's tree gone, it gets a ton more sun, so it would have been too hot for them anyway.
I just did all annuals.
Verbena, Vanilla Marigolds, Coleus, Salvia, Lantana, and Sweet Potato Vine.

I've been planning on writing a full post about the fence pots, and what I've got goin' on there, since March, but just haven't gotten to it.

Yet another shot of my peach-colored Lewisia. 
I know, but I couldn't help it.

And a new succulent that I love.
Her name is Graptoveria Debbie.

Okay, back into the yard.
The purple Rhody that was here when I bought the house is bloomin' its little heart out.
You might remember me commenting on him in my 12 Years In The Making yard post.
He's come along way, baby.

I keep meaning to paint that garden tool mailbox, but just haven't gotten to it yet.
Ya know, in the five plus years that it's been there.

Right underneath it is a spirea - my goal is to have it get big enough to hide my junk pile of  random garden stuff, and the compost bin, when you're on the other side of the yard.

Off to the left a bit is my giant hosta that I love, love, love.

And that fern I talked about the other day, that may or may not be an Autumn Fern.

And here are just some shots looking from in front of the shed, toward the other side of the yard where the fire pit area is.

Moving around a bit more, under the Mallow tree, the False Solomon's Seal is blooming.

An Epimedium I bought last year, that I was concerned didn't make it, is finally up.
This one is called 'Starlet.'

I have four pots hanging in the tree and my first new fuchsia in one of them is blooming.

I got my two flats of Impatiens planted last week (I'm crossing my fingers that nasty Downy Mildew stuff doesn't get me).
I mixed most of the potted ones in with fuchsias, just in case I end up having to rip them out.
Here are a few of them in a shady spot behind the mallow tree.

A little further along that fence, my 'Sunset' Clematis is blooming.

A little further down, two Spiderwort have started to bloom.
That's another plant that's all over the yard.
It likes to move around a lot.
Without my help.
It comes up in every crack it can find.

And finally, (yes you're almost at the end), the Knock Out Tree Rose is starting to bloom.
It smells sooooooo good.

Okay, that's it for the backyard this week.
Front yard babies are up next.

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  1. Everything is awesome!! Your peonies are ahead of mine. If it is big enough to divide, I'd go for it to get a few more in the garden. The tree rose is gorgeous and I lurve all the clematis. They are so beautiful.

  2. Nice flowers in your yard. I am struggling to keep my little pot of companula from dying.....

    1. Ha! Thank you. The secret is...........water, water, and more water. :o)

  3. Too bad you don't live near by. I have peonies to spare. They are really expensive I guess because they are slow growing. Your garden is looking terrific: the clematis, the stunning rhododendron, the roses. I don't have the False Solomon's Seal. It's very pretty and I assume does well in shade which I have in abundance out back. It's great that your kids all have a little container garden of their own. What a nice idea!

  4. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh m goodness, your flowers couldn't look any happier!
    Your photos are so beautiful and capture all the details of the your flowers. Still can't believe how lush everything is . . . where do you live again?
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a great week,

  5. I love your garden posts :) Can't believe you ripped out the rhododendrons, I wouldn't have the heart to do it! lol Matter of fact I only have one left and it is not doing good at all. It has a few buds but it just looks so sad. Do you have any advice for me, how I can get my rhododendron to look better? I have lots and lots of peony bushes. Some so big they actually need to be split. Wish we could swap plants! lol Anyways.....I feel ya on the spiderwort. I can't believe where those suckers land in my yard.....and I too have them coming up in every crack in the sidewalk. I rip rip rip them out and before I know it they are baaaccckkk! We are in the middle of some serious DIY yard makeover. Putting in a patio walk-way, from our deck and going in three different directions. Then to make it look even better, my husband is putting in some flower beds all around the rest of the deck. While he is working on that, I am in the front yard, ripping out all the bushes we lost from the harsh winter, building rock walls and planting flowers. Fun times!!! Love gardening!!!! Enjoy your week in the gardens :)

    1. Wow, you guys are BUSY!!! The hardscape stuff is the most work, and the most expensive, but it makes such a major difference. I'd love to see pictures!

      It took me 12 years to take out those rhodies, so I know what you mean about feeling bad about it. It was sad. I talked to them the whole time. LOL But they just didn't look good anymore, and where they were was way too hot. They'd get burnt in July and look terrible for the rest of the summer. I do still have the big purple one that was just a baby when I moved in, and I absolutely love that plant. I'm terrible about fertilizing shrubs, but there are specific ones for rhododendrons. You could try feeding them and see if that helps. Compost, too.

      Everyone keeps telling me they have peonies comin' out there ears, but you're all in another state. Such a tease! lol

      Everything you guys are doing sounds awesome. It's gonna be so pretty for summer!

  6. GORGEOUS pal! And you are so right...that spirea really pulls its weight in color and accents your killer clematis brilliantly!!! And I just want to say that I love how you create your vignettes! There is always something so beautiful to land your eyes on! I am amazed at your stunning blooms lady! Wishing you a great day and bring on the front!! Oh and babies container is adorable! Nicole xoxo

  7. Just you like snakes? This year I am seeing more snakes than usual. They scare me half to death every time. I think I scare them just as much. I refuse to go near the flower bed for a few days after I see them. I love gardening, but I don't care for the snakes and spiders that live out there. lol

    1. I've never seen a snake in the garden. Never. I think I'd probably have a heart attack if one slithered by me out there!

  8. So much gorgeousness. I guess all that rain really pays off!

  9. Total. Eye. Candy! You are not only a total plant person, (I was going to say "plant geek" but I figured you might consider it an insult which it isn't, but anyway) you are also an expert designer. It's not easy to put the two together and make something wonderful. But you've done it, sista! ... Funny, I just had a comment about snakes too on my garden blog. I hope this isn't a bad omen. :)

  10. You are so LUCKY!!! This Spring I have seen more snakes than I have in a couple of years in my yard. Freaks me OUT every time. Couple days ago I was messing around with my bird feeders and I couldn't reach so I stepped onto a rock and just happened to look down and there he was....AWWWWWWWWWWW.......I screamed so loud the neighbor guy stopped mowing to come see the drama. Within a minute that sucker was gone.....and of course there was a hole in the flower bed, right where I think he I am thinking that is his hole. Ewwww......think that flower bed will be full of weeds for a month because I am NOT sticking my hands in there. lol. The neighbor lady on the other side of me, just yesterday, said she saw a snake in her yard too that same day and that it was 4-5 feet long. Needless to say I walk around my yard, eyes WIDE open! Ok all this talk about snakes and I am freaked out again. lol

  11. Oh, I TOTALLY would have peed myself. And there is no way I could do any work in that area either. It would officially become the hubs or the kids' weeding space. GAD!


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