Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peeks

I'm slowly, but surely, getting the house decorated for Christmas.  Wrangling 18-gallon totes down pull-down stairs to the attic while seven months pregnant isn't the simplest thing I've ever done.  The Christmas tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving, but I've yet to decorate it. 

In between the holiday chaos, I've also been working on something for the "shared room".  Hence the constant whining about sanding, priming and painting.

I thought I'd give you a couple sneak peeks, just so you don't think I'm slackin' over here.  :o)

This is the third year of having a mantel at Christmas time.  One of the main reasons for building the fake fireplace was so I could have someplace to hang our stockings.  That sounds a bit excessive now that I say it out loud.  The first year I did a very symmetrical setup with matching containers of cyclamen on either end and candles in the middle.  This year, I pretty much did the exact same thing as last year, because I loved it so much.

Here's a teaser for ya:

Other than the tree, I came pretty close to finishing up with the decorating today.
I'll post pictures of everything once it's all done.

As for the other time sucker in my life right now, here's a glimpse of that:

Oh yeah, and this:

Those pieces are primed now, by the way.

And let's not forget these two:

They look pretty needy, don't they?


  1. The Christmas stuff looks soooo pretty; I don`t know where you get all that energy. When my daughter was pregnant, all she did was sleep, lol!


  2. You are a busy lady. That mantle is looking amazing. So gorgeous. Thanks for linking up my dear.

  3. Hey girl!!! I've been so absent from the blogging world!!! Things have been super crazy in my neck of the woods lately! Anyway, I LOVE your mantle!!! I have a couple of those old glass light thingies that I have done nothing with since buying them!! I'm sooo going to copy!! :-) Also, CONGRATS on being pregnant!! Wow!! So exciting! Since having my son 17 months ago I haven't had the baby fever (since my two kids are 21.5 months apart) until this past thanks! haha :-) And...we were back in IL for the Thanksgiving week and my mom gave me two wooden matching 2 step step stools with a lid that were mine and my sisters when we were younger. I immediately thought of you and your beautifully painted step stools! I am going to have to get to work on painting them to make them cute! (they're just plain ol stained wood now).


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