Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free Show

Anyone have one of those neighbors who doesn't do an absolute thing in their yard?  Or are you one of those neighbors?  LOL  The lady who lived behind me when I first bought the house had an immaculate yard.  She was elderly and I'm sure she paid someone to take care of it for her.  All the shrubs up against her fence were kept neatly trimmed below the 6 foot height of the top board.  The lawn was pristine.  Then she died and the house sold.  The new owner had an interesting take on gardening.  I'm trying to be nice.  She stuck a lot of things in the ground.  Some of those thing were plants, some were random items that I assume were meant to be yard art.  But I'm pretty sure she didn't own a pair of pruners.  Jump ahead several years later and those nicely pruned shrubs now tower over the fence.  The house just sold again and the new owners have been out working in the yard a few times.  (If you've been reading for awhile, they're the ones I took cookies to.)  Anyway, the point of the story is, sometimes someone's neglect can be your gain.

Take a gander at this AMAZING rhododendron that I get to enjoy every time I walk out back:

Now remember, it's planted in their yard and that fence is 6 feet high.  The thing is HUGE!  And so pretty right now.

On a side note, the plant in my yard to the left of the rhody in the first two pictures is a lilac.  It's starting to show color!

And back out to the yard I go......


  1. pretty! i just walked by my lilac's and not even a but yet! soon i hope!

  2. bud... i meant to write bud... chuckle.


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