Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Fever

Yesterday, I was looking out the dining room window and noticed the first bloom on my yellow iris.  You should know by now what happens when I head outside with my camera.  Yep, I get a little trigger happy.  BUT, I found a fun new toy.  Instead of 500 individual photos, I made collages!  And you can still click on them to see them larger.  Can't wait to play with food pics!  You can thank me later.

 Yellow Japanese Iris

Blue Japanese Iris

'Nelly Moser' Clematis

Woolly Lamb's Ear



Purple Rhododendron


False Solomon's Seal

And a few stragglers.


 White Bearded Iris



Windmill Palm AKA The Beast

 "The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies." -- Gertrude Jekyll


  1. i love the collages! what a great way to show a bunch of pics!!! Your garden is looking lovely!

  2. Great idea with the collages! I might need to try that out myself sometime. Your gardens are just beautiful!

  3. Thanks Beth! The collages are fun, but they're a HUGE time eater. Only because it's so fun to play around with them. :)

  4. Had to feature your collages at the Garden Party blog hop! :)

    Come take a look!


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