Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady's Mantle

This is one of those plants that isn't very exciting to look at when it's blooming.  The tiny flowers that bloom in a cluster are a pretty celadon color, but they flop all over the place.  I usually just whack them off when they start blooming good and stick them in a vase for the house.  The leaves, on the other hand, are so cool.  The plant emerges from the ground in the spring when, most days, it's still pouring down rain.  The sun came out for a bit today, so I ran out to get a few pictures of the wet leaves.  

Look at how the water beads up on them.  Sooo pretty.

While I was out there, I discovered the first flower on one of my perennial geraniums.  I love this plant, but blink and you'll miss it blooming.  The flowers only last a few weeks.

My Lithodora is also blooming now.

And one of my favorite little plants is blooming now too.  This Saxifraga has the sweetest little flowers.  The sedum-like plant is low to the ground, but the flowers come up on wispy stems.

"Earth laughs in flower."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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