Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring: A Kid Lunch

Yes, it's still raining.  C'mon weather, it's almost June for cryin' out loud!

I thought a cloud and an umbrella were appropriate for the day.

This Friday's fun lunch is pretty basic.  I did PB&J again 'cause it's the easiest to work with when using cookie cutters.  The umbrella cutter I had.  For the cloud, I squished a flower cutter to make it more of an oval shape.  Voila, it's a cloud.  The rain is mini chocolate chips and around the rim of the plate is carrots and apples.

Here's lunch on the plate:


  1. What a cute idea for a kid's lunch :) My little guy would be all over that!

  2. Thanks Katie! I'm overly critical of how they turn out, but the kids love them no matter what.


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