Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Therapy

We got sun yesterday!!!  It's cold and cloudy again today, but - we got sun yesterday!  I got to play in the dirt ALL DAY!  And that makes me SO HAPPY!  Can ya tell?  The Dad loaded up wheelbarrows full of compost from the overflowing compost bin for me and then I spread it around the backyard.  And now it's empty again and ready for another season worth of kitchen scraps.  By 4:00, I was feelin' a little like I had been run over by a semi.  I was pretty certain when I rolled out of bed this morning I would be unable to move, but surprisingly, I'm not really that sore.  The sun healed me.  :o)

What a difference a few weeks makes in the spring time.  Things are growing like crazy!

Here's pictures of the south side of the house from the post I did on the 11th of April:

And here it is now:

Here's some close-ups of the Nelly Moser clematis: 

It's got buds!

The hops is about a food taller as well:

And who would I be if those were the only garden pics I had to share?

Here's a hyacinth my cousin's wife brought me for Easter:

My aunt brought me a pot with a geranium, alyssum and bacopa in it:

She also brought The Kid and The Girl each a primrose, alyssum and marigold to plant in their special pots:

I have one lone tulip in the front yard:

My white bleeding heart is blooming:

Marsh marigold below it:

An azalea that hasn't grown an inch in two years:

The north side of the yard is growing just as quickly as the south:

In the bottom of the next two, you can see the stump of a Clerodendrum, aka The Peanut Butter Tree, that we had to take out last summer.  He died.  :(  So all these shade plants are probably gonna get fried here this summer.  

And the last time I was at the store, a few new things jumped right into my cart.  Plants are sneaky that way.

Calibrachoa, verbena and an ivy geranium to put in with my potted dogwood:

Leopard's Bane, which I've never grown:

A new grass called Blue Rush:


Pole beans and cucumbers, which the slugs have already wiped out.  Wretched creatures:

The first 6-pack of impatiens.  There will be many, many, many more of these to come:

I think that's it for yard pics.  Today.  :o)

Hope everyone else had as much of an enjoyable Sunday as I did!  I'll leave you with a quote that I came across over the weekend:

"I think that no matter how old or inform I may become, I will always plant a large garden in the spring.  Who can resist the feelings of hope and joy that one gets from participating in nature's rebirth?"  Edward Giobbi


  1. wow! i only wish our weather was warmer earlier! i have anything even peeking through the dirt yet! and plant a garden! not till the end of may!!!!

  2. I don't know if 50's qualifies as warm, but if it does, I won't complain anymore about how cold it is! And I may be jumping the gun a little on some of the plants. I just get so anxious! :)

  3. Wow - what a difference a little sunshine makes. Glad you could get your hands in the dirt! I enjoy looking at your garden and reading the names of all the plants.

  4. I got My tomatoes, onions planted and went to BI Mart to get more flowers. I always find that things jump into my cart as well!! Nothing like the sunshine and planting flowers and playing in the dirt to soothe your mind and soul!! Great stress reducer, and I love, love, love seeing the fruits of my labor!! I love that dragon fly on the south side fence! I am obsessed with those beautiful creatures! I don't call them bugs because they are to beautiful to just be a flying bug:)I don't get much sun on my deck so If no know, wich I know you do, of any really pretty shade plants that will grow on my deck with not much sun, I would love some input!:) Love ya minno! Your garden looks wonderful!:)

  5. Val - Impatiens!!! They're my favorite annual for shade. Begonias are really pretty too. Both the tuberous and the fibrous ones.


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