Friday, July 29, 2011

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: A Kid Lunch

Seriously, the weeks are going by insanely fast lately.  Is it because I know summer is slipping away?  It's almost August!

I got the idea for today's Silly Kid Lunch from some gummy candies I bought at the grocery store.

For the sammies, I grated some cucumber and mixed it with cream cheese and a splash of lemon juice. (Thanks for the idea Terry!)  I thought they were delicious, unfortunately, the kids were not fans.  I pretty much had to bribe them with the candy on their plates to eat them.

The lines on the fish and the legs of the jelly fish are fruit leather. (BTW, The Girl said, Look at the cute jelly fish!  The Kid said, It looks like those crabs have beaks!  One out of two ain't bad I guess.  lol)  The eyes on both are raisins, the "beaks" are mango.

The numbers around the rim of the plate are fresh mango, the orange seaweed/grass/reeds, whatever you wanna call it, is dried mango.  Raspberries at the bottom - some kind of sea creature?  Gummy fish around the rim and a gummy shark on the plate.

Here's today's lunch:

I took a few pics of the kids actually eating their lunch this time.

Here's an ADD pose for my brother-in-law.


  1. How cute and creative!! Your kids must get so excited for lunch time! I know I would if I had sea creature sandwiches on my plate :)

  2. Too cute. Bummer that the kids didn't love the cucumber combo. I guess that just leaves you and me. :)

  3. Adorable Lucky kids! Your so creative!

  4. Maybe my daughter would eat if I made her fun more fun. Glops of gruel just don't appeal to her.

  5. Your such a good mommy!! Really i hope i have at least 1% of your creativity when i have a kid :)

  6. What an adorable way to make lunch fun for kids - I need to bookmark this for my future kids :)

    That said, I soo hope you try the carrot cake - i bet it is similar to the tropical banana cake you had, but with carrots, which only adds some 'healthy' to it, right? lol

  7. I am completely blown away! I've been going through your kids lunch ideas and have been gasping, showing my husband, and dropping my jaw non-stop :D How in the world do you come up with this stuff?!?! I'm starting to feel very sorry for my little girl and her sad lunches, ha! Lucky for her I've found you! I'm now your newest follower :)


  8. adorable! Sadly, no kids left at home but dh would be the hit of the office if I packed him some cute litte sandwiches ;-) Enjoy these years!

  9. Gummy candies rock my world! I'd probably try and eat those first!!!


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