Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buttermilk Waffles

I'm baaack.  We had a super relaxing four days at the Rock Farm.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. 

The Dad took today off as well, so I decided to whip up some waffles for breakfast that I had seen over at Sweet Peas & Bumblebees.  They were deeeelicious!!! 

Aside from the buttermilk, the rest of the ingredients are pantry staples.  Head on over there for the recipe!  Super easy, super yummy.

I had fresh peaches and strawberries that I diced up for the top.

Here's breakfast on my plate:


  1. Hi Mindy, you left a very funny comment over at Terry's blog, These Peas Taste Funny, so I needed to stop by and tell you!

    Your waffles look awesome- I've never made my own before- I'm afraid if I do, I'll never lose these extra rolls!

    I also love that you have a vegetarian link on your sidebar- I'm vegetarian and also a new follower :)

  2. Not only is it nice to have you back (well rested to boot) but you've brought waffles. Mmmmm,...these look amazing. I've never made waffles from scratch before either. Maybe Yvonne and I should get together and give it a try, lol. (or maybe you should just make them for us)

  3. I am so glad that you loved them as much as our family does!!! They looked YUMMY with the fresh fruit!!

    Alisa @ Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

  4. Your recipe looks so good. I would love it if you came over to my party "Cast Party Wednesday" tomorrow and shared some of your recipes with us.
    I hope to see you there!


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