Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrap Metal: After

Did you think I was never gonna post any after pictures?  Aw, I wouldn't do that.  It's just been so cruddy out all week.  Today it's 80-something.  I can't keep up.

So in the Before post, I explained that we inherited some metal pieces from an old beat up gazebo like this one:

Originally, I was just going to cut the bottom off of the four panels we got and stick them in the ground for plants to climb on.
Then, The Dad and I simultaneously came up with an even better idea.

Here it is:

Don't mind the pile of junk laying in the yard.  
That was my project yesterday.

I can't get rid of this %#@%*&  gap between the pictures, so I'll fill it in with my annoyed rambling. 

Not bad for free, eh?
We even had the screws to put it together.
Now all it needs is some plants growing on it.
And maybe some twinkle lights.  :o)

Did you notice the giant brown spot in the lawn?  
That's the same area I patched with sod this spring.  
Clearly The Dog is still peeing in the exact same spot. 
Guess what?  It's gone.  
Not the brown spot - the lawn.  
Hopefully I'll be done with that project tomorrow and can post the after.
I know, another cliffhanger.  


  1. Wow that's amazing! What a lovely new life for the Gazebo. It looks incredible. Well one to you and The Dad.


  2. Wow! Who'd have thought that was originally a beat up old gazebo? It looks lovely!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! i cought myself wishing again that i had a backyard :( but it looks beautiful! Enjoy your backyard!

  4. My mouth dropped and hit my keyboard. Its awesome, and I want one. High fives for the Dad!

  5. ....for finding the junk! High fives for you both for making it look fantastic!

  6. I meant treasure... ok i'm gonna stop now...

  7. LOL! Yeah, I really had no part in this one other than being the 'holder' during assembly. And deciding where it was gonna go. :o)

  8. That looks great! I love love love arbors -- and free -- the best! What a good re-use.

  9. That is GORGEOUS!! Wow, wow, wow! And I'm totally envious of your lush yard...just beautiful!

  10. Incredible! Looks like it was made for is. Love it!

  11. Hi - Am your Newest Follower via the hop!

    Great idea and great job! You would never know it was a gazebo -- I see so many people who end up tossing out their gazebos becuz the cloth rips off from the wind and then they don't know what to do with it... hmmm, maybe next time!

    Lovely creation - beautiful job - thanks for sharing - garden looks lovely, too!

    Happy Monday
    beachside cottage

  12. LOVE it! great job, and looks way more expensive than free!

  13. Shut the front door! This is amazing.

  14. Laughing out loud. Thanks Darla!

  15. I love the way the recycled metal adds height and visual appeal to your garden. Way to go!

    If they grow in your area, you may want to consider growing grapes. Another thought would be the clematis with the small white flowers since they attract hummingbirds. Roses would be equally lovely.

  16. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I LOVE turning junk into something functional. Great job!!

  17. That is beautiful--good use of repurposed materials!

  18. @Barb: There were actually several grapes here when I bought the house, but they weren't very good for just eating, so I gradually took them all out. I had one of those evergreen clematis on the arbor for several years and then I lost it. I loved it and was sad to see it go. Roses would be pretty too. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    @Dorothy: LOL! Thanks!

    @Athena: Thank you!

  19. This turned out great!! Thank you so much for linking it up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week as well!

  20. That’s a great idea! It would be a waste to let something like an inherited metal like this land in a dumpsite. Just look how pretty it is, going as far as completing the look of your lawn. Thanks for giving this gazeebo a new life!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

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