Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Alstroemeria Is Blooming!

Just a few (heh, heh) yard shots that I took during the week:



Jacob's Ladder

Veggie & herb area




Ivy Geranium


Brace yourself.
(sorry Jimmy)


  1. Beautiful pics!! those are the feet of a good garden Momma! ;)

  2. Ha, I love the feet pictures. It's funny how until after you shower, you don't even know how much is dirt and how much is tan. That always cracks me up. Your garden makes me want to go out and spruce up mine,....everything looks fantastic.

  3. I'm a little jelous of your grass. There isn't a grassy patch at my house right now! Your flowers look stunning! How many years is this in the making?

  4. Ugh, the grass is the bane of my existence. We got a roll of sod early spring to patch all the bare spots and now there's another giant brown spot from where the dog pees. I can't win. That's why it's slowly shrinking. If it weren't for the kids and the dog, it would probably all be gone by now.

    I bought the house in the fall of 2001, so since spring of 2002 I've been diggin' away. One of these days I'd like to get the pictures scanned of when I first moved in. It's crazy to see the before, during and now. And of course, as with all gardens, it's constantly changing.


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