Monday, July 11, 2011


I thought little girls liked dress up and only played with dolls and dishes and pretty things.  Maybe most of them do.  Mine does enjoy girly things.  But she also enjoys not so pretty things.

Case in point.

I went out to the deck with my coffee this morning and found this.

It ain't no jar of peanut butter folks.

Yep, a giant jar of bugs.
I'm sure The Kid helped, but this has The Girl written all over it.
Completely disgusting.

Here's something pretty to make you forget what you just saw.


  1. Sugar and Spice and everything nice.... sort of. That is quite the collection she's got!

  2. Maybe she'll grow up to be an entomologist (is that the right word?), make lots of money and take of her mama in her old age. :)

  3. bahahahaha thats so sick. and i thought i was safe with a girl on the way...

  4. All kinds of nasty.
    @ Katrina: Ha! Nothing is safe about having a girl! :o)

  5. Hahaha reminds me of when my daughter was younger. Although she had five brothers to help her out! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Guess what? I NOW HAVE A BUTTON! WhooooHoooo!

  6. Deborah - five boys could definitely give a little girl some ideas! :o) Congrats on getting the button figured out!!!


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