Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candlelight Dinner

I haven't gotten the next meal plan together yet.  Which is part of the reason I haven't posted any food lately.  I've been cooking with what we've got.  And if you could see my freezer and pantry, you'd know we aren't starving.  And you may nominate me for a food hoarders show.

We've eaten ravioli with fresh pesto, a few meat, starch, veggie meals, and a Mexican take-out.  Tonite was one of the meat, starch, veggie meals.  Pork loin steaks with a Dijon-balsamic glaze, boiled potatoes with all the fixin's, and a mixed green salad.

Technically no recipe to share.  Just another make it up as you go dinner. 

Here's dinner on my plate:

I drug the Halloween boxes out of the attic today.
Here's the candlelight portion of our dinner:

And as I type, the world's best apple crisp is baking in the oven.
I'm so excited I could pee.
While I was licking every last bit of the raw topping off of my fingers, I had an epiphany.
Being pregnant is the equivalent of being a stoner.
Think about it people.
Pickles and ice cream?!  Must have a Big Mac immediately?!
Constant cravings of anything sweet?!  
Midnight trips to the store for Doritos?!
Yep, stoned/pregnant.
Same difference.


  1. Love all the candles lit up so pretty! And apple crisp? OK I have not made that in forever. MUST MAKE APPLE CRISP! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Oh yeah, eating alot is the best part of pregnancy. Feed that baby! Love the cute little ghosts btw.

  3. i love the decorations! i may just buy a pumpkin this year!

  4. You are so cute!! I love your living room. So pretty!!! A candlelit dinner sounds soo romantic

  5. Food looks good. Decor is wonderful. And you are funny!

  6. Love how you decorate. Especially the ghost hanging by the window.
    Btw, your living room looks so pretty so tasteful!

  7. That is your house?!? That is your house!?!

    You are so lucky, my friend, it is gorgeous!

    Great, now I'm hungry too!

  8. Your house looks great,..love your decorations. And apple crisp,..mmmm,...I can almost smell it. Wait, I do smell it because we had that today too, ha ha. It's like scratch and sniff TV or something. :)


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