Thursday, October 6, 2011

The ABC's Of Me

The Dad is on his way to Eugene for the Duck's game as I type.  So no dinner post tonight.  The kids and I will be eating leftover Chicken Kapama.  Mmmm - even better the second day!

Instead, I thought I'd do a little one-on-one Q&A.

Have you seen this going around?  Suzanne just did it a couple days ago and I liked it.  So I'm stealing it.  Which is okay, because she stole it from someone else.  Feel free to steal it from me.  Posts where I learn little tidbits about the person I stalk on a regular basis are some of my favorites.  I thought there may be one or two of you out there who feel the same.

On with the show......

Age.....35, for a couple more months
Bedsize.....I own a queen, but I'd love a room big enough for a king
Chore I dislike the most.....Folding laundry, dishes, and I HATE washing woodwork - that includes my kitchen cupboards
Dogs.....Yep - love my mutt Maddie Dog the mostest
Essential start to my day.....Coffee and Google Reader
Favorite color.....Green
Gold or Silver.....Silver
Height.....5' 7"
Instrument I've played.....Violin - have always wanted to learn to play the guitar
Job Title.....Chief cook and bottle washer
Kids.....Boy 5, Girl 3, Baby in belly 22 weeks

 Live in.....A house in Oregon
Nickname.....Min, Rindy Mae, Mooooooom
Overnight hospital stays.....Three times - giving birth to Kid 1 and Kid 2 and what felt like weeks of sleeping in hallways with The Dad's nonstop nosebleed issue when I was 6 months pregnant with The Kid
Pet peeves.....Bad grammar (yes, I'm guilty too - but don't worry, my mom e-mails me every time I have a typo in a post)
Quote from a movie....."You think I'm funny?  Funny how?  Funny like a clown?  Like I'm here to $%&*@!# amuse you?"
Right or Left.....Right handed, bat left, always choose left in "pick a hand"
Siblings.....One sister, two years younger than me

Time I wake up.....Alarm goes off at 6am on weekdays - The Girl goes off at 6am on weekends
Underwear.....Um, yeah, last time I checked
Vegetables I hate.....I've only had turnips once and didn't care for them, but I'd be willing to try again
What makes you late.....The kids and trying to find something to wear that qualifies as "dressed up"
X-Rays.....Me?  Er, my teeth and I broke my foot in middle school and had a cast - even though my mom swears it never happened
Yummy food I make.....The three things I've heard mentioned the most are my Eggplant Parmesan, my Reubens and my Chili
Favorite zoo animal.....They all make me sad

Feel free to join in on the fun.  And if anyone has any random questions they've been dying to ask me...go for it GI Joe.


  1. You're so young!! :)

    No seriously, I love that you play violin. I hear the students at the music school and they amaze me...

    Coffee drinking makes me happy. :)

  2. I love these... I am guilty for completing them on FB! But your right... they are a great way to get to know someone. I'm so full of bad grammar.... but that's only because when i'm blogging there's usually a glass of wine... right beside me messing up my judgement... thank goodness for spell check!

    ps... violin is hard. (not that I've ever tried playing) but it looks hard... that is pretty awesome!

  3. Violin makes you sound like a classy broad. :) Great post, thanks for sharing.

  4. It's nice to learn a bit more about you. I love the picture of your kids; they are so adorable. And I love the picture of you as a little girl, so sweet.

  5. I'm not very smart. From what movie is the quote? Hope your dad is okay. :) Great post.


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