Friday, October 21, 2011

Hoot, Hoot: A Kid Lunch

This week's lunch idea was pretty much stolen right off the thumbnail on my Kid Lunch Ideas Pinterest board.  Jill's kid lunches are all over my board, so I often get ideas from them.  Click here for the original.

I thought the idea of making jello in small containers with lids, that could go in The Kid's lunch box, was genius.  I can't even remember the last time I made jello and both the kids were SUPER excited about it.

The owl for both lunches is a PB&J sammie, cut into a circle.  Cheese for the wings, beak and eyes.  (By the way, don't put the candy eyes on the lunch until the morning if it's going in the fridge.  I make The Kid's the night before and the black part of the candy eyes bled onto the cheese.)  Carrots for the feet.  They both got apple slices, pretzels and jello with sprinkles.  The Girl's has cherry tomatoes around the rim.

Here's The Girl's lunch:

Here's The Kid's school lunch:

Enjoy the weekend!
I'll be popping my head in here and there, sharing more ladybug party stuff.


  1. Omg if i was in school and my mom made me a lunch like that id be the most popular kid there!! hehe
    Moms probably hate you cause their kids go home complaining their lunch doesnt look cute!

    Have a Fabulous weekend <3

  2. It is so awesome looking that I would have a hard time eating it, I would just want to sit and admire it. hahaha!


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