Friday, October 7, 2011

Peter. Peter Pumpkin Eater: A Kid Lunch

Yes, I'm late posting our Silly Kid Lunch two weeks in a row.  The Dad was home from work today, so I used the opportunity to run all my errands for The Girl's birthday party.  And I was reminded of how much I hate running around.  I was able to mentally cross some things off in my head though, so that will help with the stress levels next week.  Who am I kidding.  Now that I have everything, I actually have to MAKE it. 

I'm not lovin' how today's lunch turned out. Either one of them.  I had pinned some cute pumpkins that were made out of pie crust and cheese. I didn't have pie crust, but I did have tube biscuits, so I used those instead.  Not exactly the easiest medium to work with.  I ended up trying different things, involving several different tools:  serrated knife, rolling pin, paring knife, cookie cutter - let's just say I recommend using homemade dough or pie crust for these bad boys. 

I used some pumpkin shaped ice cube trays that I got at the Dollar Store last year to freeze grape juice and vanilla yogurt that I turned orange with food coloring.  The grape juice pumpkins wouldn't stay put on the plate, so I put them in some ice water for The Girl instead.  Carrots, orange slices, almonds, pistachios, and candy pumpkins filled in.

Here's The Kid's school lunch:

Here's The Girl's:

Again, not my favorite week, but the kids thought they were fun.


  1. the frozen yogurt pumkins are genius!

  2. Cute. Kids aren't difficult to please, are they?


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