Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Tree: A Kid Lunch

No school today, so both kids were home for our Fun Food Friday lunch.  I got the idea for this one off my Kid Lunch Ideas Pinterest board. 

I used marble rye for the tree trunk, colby jack, cheddar, and red bell pepper for the leaves.  Apple leaves, Mandarin orange slices, and maple cookies around the rim.  And I used one of the leftover yogurt pumpkins from last week's lunch at the base of the tree.

Here's lunch on the plate:

I also want to say thank you for all the well wishes from my bang up.  If I was feeling like I was hit by a truck yesterday, today it's more like a freight train.  With a two-by-four to the back of the head just for fun.  As for all the "don't cook" and "don't clean" commands, I will try my best to sit on my butt this weekend.  Although, I've never really been too good at that.  Gotta work on that to-do list.  :o)

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  1. What a sweet, seasonally sensational lunch! Those cookies in the last photo make my mouth water. ... I hope you're healing up okay. Take it easy this weekend, 'kay? :)

  2. Oh no Minday, I didn't read about the accident (I've been working and away for appointments till now!)

    I'm so sorry...and then you go and make a lunch like this?!?

    Kudos, my friend, kudos...I used to eat those cookies a lot as a kid! Yum!

  3. I want one of those cookies! Everything looks yummy.

    As far as that 'to do list'...make a new one. Call it 'things I saw on Pinterest that I want to make'. Do this while resting (i.e. sitting or laying down). Let the kids cook. They'll enjoy your nice, clean kitchen. Just take pictures of it afterward to post on your blog :)

  4. How adorable! My girls would love lunches like these :)

  5. Adorable Mindy! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. This is just too cute! Great ideas.


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