Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Kitchen

I took the curtain down over my kitchen sink on Thursday to wash it.

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know what happened next.

I decided I should wash the window while I was at it.  And since I was there, I may as well clean the four little shelves on either side of the sink.

Oh lordy, can you see it coming?  Literally, floor to ceiling clean sweep.  Yes, I even washed the ceiling.  And put up a second shelf on the soffit for my blue glass. And washed all the blue glass.  And all the things on the shelves over the ice chest.  And the cupboards (I HATE WASHING THE CUPBOARDS).  And touched them up - which is basically repainting because they're always so beat up and stained from the lack of an exhaust fan over the stove.

So this is what happens when I decide to take on a simple task, such as washing a curtain:

I took the curtain down Thursday at 3:30. 
Needless to say, we ate pizza that night.
I finally got the last few things put away yesterday.

Yes, the fridge is still in a terrible place, there's still no dishwasher, the counter still has little leaves all over it, the cupboards are still way too low for anything to fit under, and it's still super tiny.  
But it's clean.

Here's my sparkly clean, workhorse of a kitchen:

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  1. I was cleaning in the kitchen today too! I'm trying to figure out how 'remodel' my kitchen for super cheap (as in less than $6.00...all the money I have for it, lol). So I started with cleaning the cabinets, esp. the outside. Not fun! I know you think your kitchen is too small (and probably is for all the cooking you do) but I LOVE it. Its so cute! And it's so clean. I wish mine looked like that. I have a galley kitchen and hate the layout. You know I don't cook so I guess it doesn't matter.

    Love the soffit shelves...what a good idea!

  2. I've never heard of soffit shelves before. I love your kitchen in all it's pristine white cleanliness. Please come to my house and wash the curtain, would ya?

  3. What a clean kitchen! I like your vintage cabinets. Now I should get busy and clean my kitchen:)

  4. Wow that is clean - that just proves in my book that you should never start cleaning - well maybe you should - again the plants, love it, I've got to get some

  5. One thing leads to another around here too. If you give a mouse a cookie, chances are...

    Cleaning what I have makes it feel new all over again. Love your blue glass, by the way.

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen in the Room By Room series.


  6. Hi! Stopped by from cottage and vine linky party. Wanted to share with you that whenever my mom knew she was going to give me a gift that she just knew I would love and had asked about for a long period of time... she called it a pretty girls gift. Lol Well my friend you have the sweetest sweety girls kitchen. I will be back to visit.

  7. hi there,,i stopped by from TDC linky party...I LOVE your kitchen...just love it...i love the formica counter and the aluminum grandma had the same thing...her apron always had a grey line from where she brushed against it...i love your stove..i must have seen one in my childhood becuase it feels like home and comfort to me...and mostly i love your blue glass...i love loove love blue and white...the glass is perfect...i am favouriting your blog so i can come back and see more of your home...thank you for sharing!

    1. Well, you have officially made me love my kitchen. :o) For someone who spends A LOT of time in there, it's so small and I need to use my hips to get the drawers closed, but hopefully my kids will have fond memories in there, just as you have. Thank you so much for coming by and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. It has made my evening.

  8. Love how homey you have made your tiny kitchen also love the white/vintage-y-ness. May I ask what color of paint you used on your wall? I have been looking for the 'perfect' green with a grey undertone for my dining room forever, okay perhaps not that long. ;)
    PS ~ what would we ever do without cheese?

  9. oh.....visiting from Thrifty's kitchen linky. Thanks for sharing!


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