Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fantasy Land aka Pinterest

Anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by the to-do's in their head?  I feel like I have 14 projects started and none of them are finished.  Add those to the things that I want to start and I end up with a brain that is in system overload.

So instead of a post full of pictures of something I made, rearranged, cooked, baked, etc., I'll show you pictures of things other people have accomplished.

Here's a taste of my Pinterest boards:

To start, in June I asked for help choosing a color to paint all my exterior doors.
I FINALLY committed to one and got two of the three doors painted.
The Dad worked on fixing our old screen door for the front yesterday so I could get rid of the one I hate.  
It's up, but now it needs to be painted.  
I'd love to have a new doorbell, new light, the window that's sitting in our driveway installed, the porch painted, a railing built.........
To-Do number one.
Here's a porch that makes me swoon:

Onto the next project.  The kitchen.  Ahh, the kitchen.  
Our kitchen is the size of an envelope.  
It has no dishwasher.  NO DISHWASHER PEOPLE!
I got the shelf brackets to add another shelf for my blue glass on the soffit above the cupboards.
They're sitting in the kitchen, uninstalled.
Here's one example of the kitchen of my dreams:

While we're on the "dream" subject, let's head upstairs to the finished attic, shall we?
What?  We don't have stairs?  Or a finished attic?
Well, who am I to shoot down a dreamer?!
Here's my staircase:

Here's what it leads to:
Alrighty then, now that we've got the kids sharing a room in the attic, let's decorate The Baby's room, shall we?
It's completely finished in my head.  
I know exactly what it looks like.
This quilt pretty much says it all:
Okay, so the kids have a room, The Baby has a room, that leaves an extra room.
Whatever will I do with it?
Oh wait, I know:
Speaking of things that will never happen,  if you happened to read the mini bio post I did, you'll know that I'm a nail biter.
I'm not one to do anything half-ass.  
Last night they were bleeding.
If I had any kind of willpower whatsoever, this is what my nails would look like:

And if I didn't DETEST shopping or if I had extra money for clothes, or if I ever put on anything other than jeans, a t-shirt and converse when I left the house, this is what I would be wearing:

Another complete distraction in my head right now is The Girl's birthday party at the end of the month.
We don't have a big to-do, just immediate family, but I still decorate and cook for an army.
I've even made a new board to keep track of my ideas and inspiration.
Here's a hint:

Soooo, even if I'm not technically accomplishing anything by pinning these photos, it's a way for me to organize the endless thoughts that are constantly flying around inside this head of mine.

Now, I have to actually get off my butt, take a shower, find something decent to put on over this ever-growing baby belly (WHY did I give away all my maternity clothes last fall!?!?), and go have some lunch at the last day of the Greek Festival.
Tiropitas and loukoumades anyone?  
Um, yes please.....


  1. Oooh, I've gotten dangerously close! I just spent time looking over your "Boards." Scary, titillating, amusing and wonderful!

  2. Ooooh, that is just awesome. I do the same thing,...imagining all the wonderful things I would create or change or eat,...and that's usually as far as it goes. Ah well.

  3. I love the fantasy land called pinterest! I just started following your pin boards, so I can't wait to see more!!! A girl can dream!

  4. Project list. That was the topic of conversation between my sis and I this morning. We both have BIG project lists thanks to pin-dreaming. We LOVE Pinterest!

  5. I totally do this too! I get sucked into pinning so easily...I wish redoing and makeovers in real life were as easy as just pressing a button! I would be pinning my life away!! :-)

  6. i love that outfit! its so fall! There are too many things on our list to do before winter!

  7. I think we might living in the same fantasy land! Isn't that porch gorgeous? In my fantasy land I would also be thin enough to wear that stunning ensemble!

    Thanks so very much for linking up to my Pinning and Singing Pinterest Party. I am so thrilled that you joined in. I hope you will be able to link up again this weekend!

    Best wishes and happy pinning!


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