Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stool #9

Okey doke, here's the stool that's going to the sister of the stool #8 recipient.  As I mentioned, I got inspiration from one of our kid books.  Gigi, the new owner-to-be, is the cutest little curly haired blonde you've ever seen and she has a favorite stuffed bunny named Foo Foo.  I've mentioned this before, but their mom has a blog called Mediocre Mommy.  It's good.  And not just because I know her.  You should head over and read for awhile.  And you can see pictures of the cutey patootey kids that the stools will live with.

Here's Gigi's stool:


  1. Oh wow,..I love the detail on Gigi's Garden,....and is that Gigi making an appearance as well? She is going to love it!! Nice job.

  2. Your stools are so cute! I think this one is my favorite. You are a great artist! You should open a shop, girl. Etsy or whatever. You've got talent...make some money off of it. This is a great time for it with Christmas around the corner.

  3. what a lucky girl I am to have a friend who can make these adorable treasures for my babies...

  4. So cute - I think my favorite is the little "Gigi's garden" sign - you should stock pile some of these and sell them at a craft fair - I will now ruin your beautiful post and admit that when I saw "Stool #9" I didn't think it was about stool you sit on..and I was quite surprised you were telling us about #9, I would have thought you could have stopped at #3 - I'm gross, I know


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