Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby: 16-Months

Baby turned sixteen-months on Saturday.  Sixteen-months?!  Wasn't I just pregnant?

This little peanut has changed so much over the last month.  Her personality is busting at the seams.  Her vocabulary is doing the same.  She's constantly covered in food and dirt.  She loves playing outside in the garden with Mom.  She can throw a fit like nobody's business, then turn around and be so sweet and cuddly that you forget you were ready to wring her neck.  She thinks her big sister is the bee's knees.  She squeals when The Dad pulls up from work every night, and runs for the door saying, Daddy's home!  We just love her to pieces.

The Girl showed her the chives last week, and now she thinks she needs to eat one every time she walks out back.
She smells like a dang onion factory.

So dang sweet.

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  1. Is that a riot or what? Never seen a baby eating chives like that. She looks like quite the sweetie.

  2. Love the one shoe! You have the cutest kids, seriously!

  3. I've been away too long. Can it be that your little dumplin' is getting so big?

    These photos remind me of the nursery rhyme "Diddle Dumplin' My son John. Went to bed with his stockings on. One shoe off and one shoe on, Diddle Dumplin' my son John." Only in your case it's a girl. :)

    I couldn't help noticing your lovely garden as I gazed at its prettiest feature--the children. So sweet.

    So what's this about homeowners nightmare? Your email/comment got me curious.

  4. She is sooooo adorable! I want a baby girl too.

  5. Hehehe!!! Love that one shoe off :) She is sooooooo adorable!!!


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