Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Second Week Of June In The Garden : Part 2

I'm back to purge some more yard pics on ya.  Maybe it's less of me getting behind and more of the fact that things just start bloomin' like crazy this time of year.

Up first, I've got the shady spot under the big mallow tree in back.  
The evening primrose is starting to bloom and every year I'm amazed at how yellow it is.  
I swear the flowers glow.

In the same area, I discovered another foxglove blooming under the hosta leaves.

The Apricot begonia is startin' to get goin'.

One of my upright fuchsias that came back from last year is blooming.

Here are a couple yard shots.

My hebe, that I love, is starting to bloom.

Along the side of the house, there are a couple new things blooming.
A different campanula than the ones I've posted so far.

A feverfew with more of a double flower.

I also moved a veronica from the parking strip this spring to this side of the yard.
It was not happy with its previous dry, hot location.
It's thanking me with solid blooms.
I kinda love it.

Up front, another one of the lilies The Dad got me is blooming.
This one is deeper red than the other and it is so pretty in person.

The blue star creeper in the path is finally starting to bloom.
Although, the weeds are threatening to take over.
It's nearly impossible to get the weeds out of that stuff.

I have a hot pink phlox that's just starting to show color.
And one of the dahlias is huge already.

Another snapdragon that made it through winter is blooming.

This double-flower calibrachoa also overwintered, and seems to be quite happy on the porch.

And last, we'll head under the tree.
The astilbe is just starting.
I moved them out front for more sun a couple years ago, 'cause they weren't doing anything under the back tree.
Now, the front tree has grown and they're in full shade again.
I'll have to find them another new home next spring.

Okay, I still have some new pictures of the parking strip, but this post is already bustin' at the seams.
So I'll save them for another day.

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  1. Mindy - You must have some green thumb! Your gardens are gorgeous. Love those yellow flowers.


  2. Really gorgeous! Looks like such a peaceful place to hang out, too!

  3. Looks like a fabulous place to hang out! I had to scroll back up to read the name of the purple plant-Veronica. Amazing! I'll have to see if I can grow that here. It's too perty not to.

  4. Your garden is so lovely! I recently planted a veronica, after the flowers turn brown should I cut them back?

  5. I would have been happy with more photos. :) You know me and gardening. That double calibrachoa is so pretty. Amazing that it overwintered. Don't you love that?

    I'm curious. 21 photos down, what is that lavender-flowered flower in the center of the background?

    Beautiful, beautiful!!!


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